Three Will Become Four: Exciting News!

It’s time to go public with our litle family secret!  I am pregnant!!!  Mike and I are expecting our second child on or around February 2nd 2009 and we couldn’t be more thrilled!  Family life is just who we are and we are both excited to add a fourth person to our clan!  Jacob will be a big brother!!  I will be 14 weeks pregnant on Monday and so we felt it was time spilled the beans to our family and friends!  We’ve spent much of the past week trying to update people and now I’m making it all the more public by announcing it on my blog!  I won’t go on and on about it here in this post but you can go back through my blog posts and you will find a TON (18 to be exact) of posts that were hidden up until this very moment!  I’ve been journaling about this pregnancy since the moment we found out and have titled all of those threads “Super Secret Bloggy Threads”….I guess now my updates dont’ need to be private!  I’m excited to go through this pregnancy journey with all of you bloggy stalkers friends!

Here’s all the pregnancy related posts so you can all easily find them!

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