Trying on New Clothes

This morning we tried on some of Jacob’s new clothes to see how well they fit and it seems a lot of the shirts are big but the pants seem to be a good fit.  Jacob had lots of fun running around the house in his new shoes too!  I told him they were his new “running shoes” and after I put them I asked it he’d like to walk around in them and he said “no silly Mama you have to run!!” and proceeded to run amuck in the house!  It was quite fun and of all the clothes we tried on I think that his most favorite was his halloween skull t-shirt!

One thought on “Trying on New Clothes

  1. I cam over from the justmommies forum. I am due in Feb. with our second…I just had to comment to say that your son is adorable and I just love his orange shirt above. It is too cute!

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