Pumpkins at the Apple Farm

While we were at the apple farm Jacob noticed a small section on the ground where pumpkins had been placed….it’s definitely no pumpkin patch but Jacob still tried with all his might to lift those heavy pumpkins from the ground!





I hope he gets excited when we go to the actual pumpkin patch this year!

The Art of Photographing 2 Toddlers

Well my niece Sofia is officially a toddler now which I’m sure brings mixed emotions for her mother and father but it was so much fun to see her at the apple farm on Saturday toddling around.  In true tradition we had to “attempt” to remake the photo from last year with Jacob (little blonde boy) pulling Sofia (pumpkin in wagon)….

Let’s just say it was nearly impossible to get both children to look straight out of the cut out holes.

Sofia looking straight….Jacob looking at the ground…


Jacob looking straight…Sofia wondering what’s so cool about the ground…


Hmmm….Sofia is a bit shocked by the look of that ground…Jacob tells her he agrees…


Pure magic! Finally. Of course now the kids look very bored. Hmph.


Never a dull day with toddlers!

22 Weeks Pregnant

So here we are…22 weeks pregnant!  Another week has passed and I continue to trudge along with the every day routine we are accustomed to.  I have a very full work week this coming week but I have the week off so if I can make it through the next 5 days then all will be well when I’m rewarded with weekend time with both of my boys.  As in previous weeks, this week has passed by with not much change on the pregnancy front.  The baby has suddenly started moving more regularly and I’m pretty sure I feel it many times throughout the day and definitely every day now…it’s a really great feeling considering I didn’t start feeling Jacob until after 24 weeks and Jacob was always more of a roller then a kicker.  So far it seems that this baby is much like his/her big brother Jacob was in the womb because I don’t feel much movement after 10pm and the baby is pretty still throughout the nights; I’m hoping this is a sign the baby will sleep through the night from an early age much like Jacob!

This week the baby is as big as a squash!  Growing so much!

I’m feeling pretty decent lately and have no complaints aside from needing a bit more sleep.  I’m looking forward to so much over the next three months so it’s hard to be a negative nelly about pregnancy.  I’m pretty sure at some point my body is going to get grumpy on me but for now I’m happy to be feeling so great!  This week I am focusing on eating healthy and moving more!  I have no appointments this week but I will report that I changed my next doctor’s appointment from October 10th to the 14th because my doctor was going on vacation….at that appointment we’ll get the paperwork for me to take my gestational diabetes test!  What fun….blech.

A Smile That Goes On Forever

Dear Jacob…

Smiling Jake

Yesterday when we were at the apple farm there were a few moments where your dear old mom was really overwhelmed. I stood back watching you roam and play so independently and I wondered how the past two years could have gone by so quickly. I’m not sad that you keep getting older on me because every new thing in life that I get to experience with you is so awesome and enlightening. When I’m around you and watching you fall in love with the world it’s like I’m learning about it all over again with a new and vibrant perspective. I marvel at your desire to be social and it’s hard for me to believe that your Dad and I who are such shy people could have possible raised you to be so outgoing.  I got to thinking last night about all the wonderful things about you that I love and I pondered if there was perhaps something I loved best of all about you.  I thought about how loving and playful you are or how smart and well behaved you are but I soon realized that while I loved and appreciated those things about you very much they definitely were not my favorite.  I reflected back on all the hugs, the snuggles, and all the times I had to wipe away your tears because you were sad or mad or hurt and for the life of me I couldn’t pick just one favorite thing about you until this morning.  I was looking through our pictures at the farm yesterday and came across a picture where your face is lit up with a giant smile and it was at that moment I realized exactly what I love about you the most….your smile.  When you are happy….you are SO happy and yesterday I felt really discouraged about being out in the drizzling rain but somehow seeing how much you enjoyed the day reminded me that you can’t pick how the days are going to turn out but you can pick how you’re going to decide to live during that day – for some reason Jacob you always seem to chose happy over sad or mad and its during those time when you have that huge innocent smile plastered on your face that I fall more and more in love with you…as a mom, your mom….I look forward to every smile and even the frowns that come with the down times because I know that you have one of those smiles that goes on forever – sure it sometimes gets buried during hard moments but I know it will always come back.  I love you forever….


To Smooch a Horse

Over the next couple of days I am going to be posting some pictures and fun stories from our day at the apple farm yesterday!  It was really a fun day and we got some great pictures but so many of them have fun stories that go along with them.  The weather started out pretty crappy when we got there (drizzling rain) but eventually it went away and we had a great time!

Jacob apparently needed to smooch a horse!   Gross!




Only my son! Ha!

Weekly Meal Plan #4

Here it is folks!  Week #4 of our meal plans!

Sunday – Homemade (of course!) Cheddar Corn Chowder, Mystery Veggie (not sure what to have yet)

Monday – Honey Garlic Meatballs over Rice with Tomato,Cucumber, Red Onion & Feta Cheese Salad

Tuesday – Chicken Shwarma (whole wheat pita, chicken, tzistiki (yeah, I can’t spell) sauce, hummus, lettuce, onion, tomato), Mediterainian Couscous Salad (couscous, tomato, cucumber, onion, feta cheese, olive oil & balsamic vinegar)

Wednesday – B.L.T Sandwiches with Potato and Leek Soup, Cold Veggie Tray with Ranch Dip

Thursday – Vegetable Stir Fry with Sweet and Sour Sauce over Egg Noodles

Friday – Steak Fajita’s (Mix of Red, Yellow, Orange Sweet Peppers, Spanish Onion, Cheese, Salsa, Sour Cream), Hint of Lime Tortilla Chips

Saturday – 2 Bean and Beef Chilli, Fresh Bread and Garden Salad

Home Safe

My mother and her husband arrived home safely from their European vacation tonight and I have to say I’m very relieved that they are back and safe.  I confess that I have a small (hmm…what should we call it) anxiety “issue” that I’ve pretty much had since I was a teenager and I constantly worry about the people I love when they are away…..thankfully they are home safe and sound.  We went over tonight to see them and hear all their tales of days spent in Paris, Rome and London!  I am so jealous because I’d love to be on vacation right now!  It sounds like they had a great time and their stories are a lot of fun!  I can’t wait for them to get all their photos uploaded so that I can take a look at their travels!

We were greatly blessed with gifts from europe and are quite overwhelmed by their generosity!  I’m especially excited about enjoying a nice cup of british tea and indulging in some of the chocolates brought back from Italy and England!  Jacob and the new baby got lost of surprises, as did Mike and I!  It was very generous and nice of them and we were not expecting the many treasures that we were given!  Thanks Mom and Danny!

Feed the Preggo Friday!

In my efforts to maintain healthy food choices during pregnancy and hopefully always I have decided to start blogging my food for the next day, hoping that each day I can reflect on how I did and on any indulgences!  Here’s what I propose for tomorrow….

Breakfast – 6am

1 Blueberry Bran Muffin, Yogurt and an Apple

Mid-Morning Snack- 9-10am

Orange and a Granola Bar

Lunch 12:30 pm

Grilled Chicken Stir Fry with a 1/2 cup of Noodles

Afternoon Snack 230 pm

Baby Carrots/Cucumbers & Ranch Dip

Dinner 6pm

Tomato Basil Linguine, Caesar Salad, Garlic Bread

Evening Snack 830 pm

Cheese and Crackers

I’m hoping that is a decently balanced meal plan but I guess I ‘ll have to see how it goes!

Hello Baby…

Today was the follow up ultrasound to our anatomical scan gone wrong!  At our last appointment (around 19 weeks) we were unable to get any of the measurements we needed so we were asked to come back around 21 weeks to try again.  Thankfully, this time we were able to see all the bits and pieces of the baby that we needed and I’m assuming that because I haven’t got a call from my doctor…everything is a-ok!  So the good news is that we seem to have a healthy baby bobbing around in my belly and the bad news is that because we finally got all the pictures we needed we probably won’t have another ultrasound until end of October or early November when we start taking a peek at fluid levels!

Ultrasound Picture #2

Ultrasound Pic 1

The baby was still head down (in the vertex position) with its legs folded up over its body which if you look closely at picture one you can see the legs extending above the belly.  It’s tiny hands were up near its face and head and one of the hands actually waved at us a couple of times…which you can also see in our ultrasound.  Our baby is measuring bang on for its due date so not too big and not too small…just perfect!

In other news the doctor hasn’t called me back yet with the results of my maternal serum screening so I am assuming no news is good news and moving forward!  My next appointment is on October 14 when I will be close to 24 weeks pregnant and I will probably get all the paperwork I need to go and have my gestational diabetes test…now if I can just pass that test all will be fabulous in my world!