18 Weeks Pregnant!

I think I cursed myself last week when I proudly proclaimed that I felt the pregnancy was moving along quite quickly because the past week seems to have dragged by nice and slow.  Despite that slowness, I am shocked that I am 18 weeks pregnant and just 2 weeks away from hitting the ever exciting 20 week and half way mark.  I’ve been feeling pretty good this past week with only mild nausea but it is obviously geting more difficult to do things like bend down to retrieve items off of the floor.  I think my back is on its way to have issues because I feel that ever famous sciatica pain from time to time running own my left side and leg so I’m trying to stay active and apply heat when I can so that I stay on top of it and it doesn’t become unbearable.

This week the baby contines to grow at a nice slow pace and is as big as a sweet potato! That means it’s nearly half a foot long or almost six inches!  Wow!

This past week we made our first baby purchases which is surprising to me because we didn’t buy anything at all for Jacob until like 24 weeks along!  We wanted to get a bundle me because we had a generic version with Jacob that wore out by the end of its use and we had a hard time finding the one we wanted with him so we went ahead and picked that up when we found it!  Just in case you’re not sure what I’m talking about, here’s a pic:

We also plan on getting this sleeper and beanie from gymboree when their baby sale starts this week because they have items for 10.00 which is awesome prices for their stuff. I think its so cute with all the little monkeys on it and cant’ wait to order it!

Of course in true Melissa fashion both of these items will be stored away in a safe spot until I get that comfortable feeling in my belly.  I know that this time I need to be pulling the stuff out much earlier then I did with Jacob because he arrived at 36 weeks with nothing washed, put away, or even set up!  Blah! I’ve been trying so hard to enjoy this pregnancy and keep a positive outlook about everything.  I remember Jacob’s pregnancy being filled with so much anxiety and fear that I never really lived in the pregnancy moment…I think I sort of drifted along and then suddenly I had a baby to take care of.

This week I had my first belly touching experience by some random person!  I hate how pregnancy becomes an invitation for random people who you are not close to at all to touch your belly!  Uhh hello?  It’s someone else’s body people!!  Usually you should ask people before you go ahead and rub your grubby little hands all over their stomach! I definitely am looking more pregnant this time then I did with Jacob but I don’t think its an excuse for aquaintences to feel me up!  I guess that’s my random rant of the day!  If you’re not a close friend or someone in my immediate family please please please ask before rubbing me up!

I think that’s all the update I have for this week except that I’m headed on Wednesday to the hospital to have some blood work done for the remaining portion of my genetics screening….Next week is the fun week because I have an ultrasound on September 11th and a check-up on the 12th! Sounds like loads of fun!

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  1. I’m disturbed by the “fur” on the Sweet Potato!! I’ll never look at any of these fruit and veggies the same again! Thanks! LMAO

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