20 Weeks Pregnant

We’re at the halfway point!  Sweet!  As of tomorrow I officially have less time left to be pregnant then I’ve already been and that’s pretty darn exciting if you ask me.  It’s been a busy week full of appointments and my return to work so I have been holding onto most pregnancy related information for this post.

Last Thursday I have my anatomical scan ultrasound which I updated about in my post called the BIG ultrasound earlier in the week!  If you recall, everything went wonderful there but we are going back on September 24th for a re-scan due to some visibility and positionning issues.  On Friday I had my monthly pre-natal appointment which was with my regular family doctor since we are still doing shared care and I won’t see my OB until around 28 weeks pregnant.  Overall it was a really great appointment which not much exciting to report…The last time I had seen her (July) I had dropped about 17 pounds and this time I had ganied 2 pounds since I had last seen her (darn vacation and yummy food) so I am still at -15 pounds weight gain for this pregnancy.  Now, despite this negative weight loss I feel absolutely huge in comparison to pre-pregnancy and I wish I could just feel like I was -15 pounds but alas it is not in the cards.  My blood pressure which usually sits between 125/85 and 130/90 was doing better then ever this month at 120/80 so hooray for me and managing to keep that under control…my urine was perfect with no protein or sugar and I go back to see her at 24 weeks (October 10th) at which point she’ll give me the requisition form for my gestational diabetes test (blech).  After that I’ll be heading over to my OB’s care but I will continue to see her once a month for morale and to talk about the anxiety of delivery.  I know I’ve said it about a hundred thousand times before but I absolutely love my family physician and feel completely comfortable with her.

The baby continues to grow and this week is as big as a cantaloupe!  Wow!  We’re really making some progress now!

I’ve got to say that I’ve been feeling pretty good lately aside from the evening exhaustion and lack of night time sleep.  I rarely feel nauseated anymore and the back pain that I was experiencing previously seems to have disappeared….thank goodness!  The lack of sleep that I’ve been experiencing stems from not being able to find a comfortable position to sleep in and the evening exhaustion comes from not being able to sleep well at night so it’s obvious the two are working hand in hand against me.  I am trying different sleeping positions at night and hoping to find something that works for me but so far I’ve been quite unsuccessful.  I am not really having any pregnancy cravings and continue to try and eat relatively healthy throughout my pregnancy with no caffeine and no medications….I’m quite impressed with how I have been handling migraine headaches without any meds!  Yay me!

Well that’s really it stalkers bloggy people! Nothing else to report!  Onward towards the 6th month of pregnancy now….

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