21 Weeks Pregnant!

It’s Monday again which means I’m now officially 21 weeks pregnant!  I don’t have much to report this week because I’ve been so busy that I’ve barely had time to contemplate pregnancy.  I worked a 48 hours work week over the past five days and today my body is feeling really worn out so I’m trying to give it a much needed rest.  I’m starting to feel more definite and consistent movements which is nice but I’m still not sleeping so fantastically.  I can’t complain because I know its all just part of baking a baby so instead of moaning and groaning I’m trying to just keep looking forward to the next exciting moments of pregnancy.

This week the baby is as long as a banana!  10.5 inches!

When I think about the baby being 10.5 inches it brings me to Jacob being born at 18.5 inches which is just under double what the size of the baby is now.  Hard to believe how quickly the baby is growing in that belly of mine! Of course Jacob didn’t stay that small because he’s now pretty much off the charts for height!  For the first time ever and quite possibly the last I am allowing a pregnant shot of me to show up on the world wide web!  Don’t get use to it folks because I’m pretty anti publishnig photos of myself but I didn’t think this one looked too horrible….except for my lovely double chin and expressionless face!  I think perhaps my son’s face says it all!  ha!

This week I’m waiting on the results of Maternal Serum Screening last week and I need to call my doctor to reschedule my October prenatal appointment since apparently she’s going on vacation.  Coming up on Wednesday we have our follow-up ultrasound to our Anatomical Scan so that we can get the rest of the measurements we were unable to get in previous ultrasounds.  Like I said, a rather boring week overall with not much to report on the pregnancy front…Just how I like it.

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