22 Weeks Pregnant

So here we are…22 weeks pregnant!  Another week has passed and I continue to trudge along with the every day routine we are accustomed to.  I have a very full work week this coming week but I have the week off so if I can make it through the next 5 days then all will be well when I’m rewarded with weekend time with both of my boys.  As in previous weeks, this week has passed by with not much change on the pregnancy front.  The baby has suddenly started moving more regularly and I’m pretty sure I feel it many times throughout the day and definitely every day now…it’s a really great feeling considering I didn’t start feeling Jacob until after 24 weeks and Jacob was always more of a roller then a kicker.  So far it seems that this baby is much like his/her big brother Jacob was in the womb because I don’t feel much movement after 10pm and the baby is pretty still throughout the nights; I’m hoping this is a sign the baby will sleep through the night from an early age much like Jacob!

This week the baby is as big as a squash!  Growing so much!

I’m feeling pretty decent lately and have no complaints aside from needing a bit more sleep.  I’m looking forward to so much over the next three months so it’s hard to be a negative nelly about pregnancy.  I’m pretty sure at some point my body is going to get grumpy on me but for now I’m happy to be feeling so great!  This week I am focusing on eating healthy and moving more!  I have no appointments this week but I will report that I changed my next doctor’s appointment from October 10th to the 14th because my doctor was going on vacation….at that appointment we’ll get the paperwork for me to take my gestational diabetes test!  What fun….blech.

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