A Phone Call From Italy

I was trying to take an afternoon nap before work and the phone started ringing…normally I would avoid answering the phone when I am trying to rest but something told me I should get it this time.  I was a bit disoriented when I answered and it took me a few moments before I finally realized that it was my mother calling me to say hello from her European vacation.  The last time I had spoken to her was a week ago when they had arrived in Paris and the second time she attempted to call me she had gotten Mike during a time when I was at work so needless to say I was quite happy that I was home to receive her phone call.

It turns out that Mom is not that impressed with Rome because she finds it very dirty and full of graffiti and it didnt’ help that she got sick the day they left Paris and wasnt feeling well for her first two days in Italy.  Mom said it was really expensive to eat out in Rome and that dinners out are costing them about 52 Euro’s on average….about the equivalent of 70 dollars Canadian!  Crazy!  Mom said she spent some time today visiting the Vatican and she was able to get the kids (Jacob and the new baby) the St. Christopher Medals that I wanted each of them to have….I grew up in a Catholic Family and St. Christopher is the patron Saint of Travel/Travellors.

Jacob already has a St. Joseph medal (The Patron Saint of Families) that he was given by my mother at his baptism but I thought St. Christopher represented a good sense of protection.  Without an in depth explanation it’s just a very nice thoughtful gift…especially when it comes from the Vatican in Rome.

Overall, Mom said she’s having a good time and I’m glad for that because she really deserved a nice vacation.  The next time I talk to her will be when she arrives in England for the final leg of her trip!

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  1. My uncle (a priest) went to school in Rome (back sometimes in or around the 30s). He hated it there. He was supposed to do his schooling in 2 years but he managed to finish in one so he could get out of there.

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