A Taste of Fall

Last night on our evening walk as a family we stopped at a park to play for about an hour and it wasn’t long before I realized that I was shivering from cold.  Mike continually asked me if I wanted to go home but my reply was that I wanted Jacob to stay out and enjoy the night crisp night.  Unlike myself, Jacob was properly dressed for the weather and while I was smart enough to grab a hooded sweater on my way out the door I was not smart enough to put on a pair of clothes toed shoes and alas the heat from my body was escaping through my feet.  I didn’t want to accept Mike’s offer to go back to the house because I wanted to savor the weather for fear the summer heat and humidity might return to sabotage my hopes of the fall weather appearing earlier then last year.  The truth is, I found myself actually enjoying some time out of the house for the first time since I became pregnant in May because for once the humidity wasn’t causing me to feel swollen and sweaty…for once I could actually hang out with the wind and the chill of the approaching fall without wanting to return to the shelter of my air conditioner….it was like being freed from a cage; It was remarkable.  I hope this weather will stay around of our trip to the Apple Farm on September 27th because it will make it all the more enjoyable and I promised Jacob we would pick apples to bake a pie together.  Mmmm…I can already smell the apples and cinnamon as they settle into the crust and fill our house with their sweet aroma.

Jacob and I just got back from our park trip and I was pleased to be greeted with the familiar wind and chill of the night before….if the weather could stay like this until the baby arrived I would finish my pregnancy in complete bliss.  The fall is definitely “my time of year” and I’ve eagerly awaited its approach over the past 6 weeks, sensing that it would bring me a renewed sense of being.  Not being brave enough to climb the park aparatus, I sat and watched Jacob as he ran around the structure and I smiled and inhaled the air and chatted with him as he played.  It’s been a great couple of days….indeed it has.

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  1. I think of you now when I think of fall, because I know you love it so much! I’m still mourning the loss of summer… although I love fall too, I really hate the winter that comes after it!

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