Back to the Map!

My mother is currently on vacation in europe for 2.5 weeks and this morning Jacob pulled the great big laminated map out and asked Daddy “let’s see where Nana go vacation”.  Mike and I both looked surprised and watched him spread out the map on our living room floor.  Mike asked him where Nana and Papa went and Jacob proclaimed that they went across the ocean on an airplane all before telling us that Nana and Papa went on vacation to get him a present.  Ha!  I remember my mom telling him before she left that she was going to bring him back a present so for some reason that is all he could remember.  After a bit of conversation where we tried to tell Jacob that yes Nana and Papa were bringing him a present but they were also on vacation to have fun….Mike pointed out France, Italy, and England on the map (the places Nana and Papa are visiting) and now we are waiting to see if he remembers tomorrow.  I’m completely blown away by his interest in this map (as I said before) but I am definitely not pushing him to learn about world geography (geesh the kid is two) but if he’s the one to initiate it…I’ll go with his flow.

We took a little video footage of Jacob pointing out some of the countries that he knows…I want to be able to show him this video when he’s older and show him some of the things that interested him when he was smaller.  I’ll be curious to see if he’s still interested in maps and geography when he’s older.

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