Finishing Up Fall/Winter Shopping

Before our weekend grocery shop today, Mike and I went out to finish up the rest of the clothes that Jacob needed for the fall and winter.  I’ve been trying to stick to a budget this time around and I really feel like I’ve managed to bring down the amount of clothing that Jacob has by 70% which is a huge accomplishment if you’re asking me.  Here’s what we got today….

1 Rugby Shirt, 1 Hooded Long Sleeved Shirt, 2 Basic Long Sleeved Shirts, 2 Sweatshirts, 2 Pairs of Knit Pants, 1 Dress Outfit for Church or Special Events (Sweater Vest, Dress Shirt, Cords), 1 Semi Dressy Layered Polo Dress Shirt……

The total for all of that in Canadian and including taxes was $133.00….a far cry from what I would usually spend.  We still need to get a pair of winter boots, a hat, mittens, and some jersey lined wind pants but I’m continuing to scope out the good deals for those items.  I’m still stocked that we got his winter coat on clearance last season for $16.50!!  It was regular price $69.00!  Sweet Deal!

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