Grrr Registration!

This morning at 7am it was the registration time for online and phone registration with Parks and Recreation programs.  We were up at 6am so we figured we were good to go and that we would definitely get Jacob into the classes we had selected for him!  At 6:57 I clicked on the registration link hoping that it would be up a few minutes early but it still had the notice saying that registration would begin at 7am so I waited until exactly 7am, clicked the link again and right away I was told that the server was full and that I should continue trying again.  Grr!  I got out the phone and started calling the registration office while I continued to click on the link, hoping desperatly that we’d get the two classes we definitely wanted Jacob to take (swimming and skating).  Eventually Mike got on the phone making the calls and was on our desktop computer trying to get in as well….over an hour later Mike shouted from the bedroom…”I’m IN!” and I raced in so that the two of us could get the classes we wanted for Jacob.  Our first priority was swim class since he takes private lessons and those fill up very fast at the pool we prefer so we clicked into it and HOORAY the class was still available!  After putting that class into our shopping cart (yeah it’s a shopping cart….ha) we quickly booted to the skating section and looked down to the arena near our house to find out that the Parent and Tot learn to skate class was FULL!  NO!  Jacob was supposed to take this class with his Papa!  I was really mad but we went ahead and put Jacob onto the waiting list hoping for a cancellation.  We decided to go through the other arenas but most of them were also full….finally we found one about a 20 minute-30 minute drive away and we booked Jacob into that one knowing that we could get our money back if Jacob was offered a spot in the class near our house!  I sure hope Jacob’s Papa is ok with the distance driving! I think he will be but we had no way of checking in with him since Nana and Papa are in Europe for another 2 weeks!  Darnit!

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