He eats what?!?!

In the past month Jacob has fallen in love with salad and when its on the table he must have more, more, more salad!   I’m not sure how he got so interested in it but he absolutely loves it.  If I had to fetch a guess I would say its because we’ve been having it on our table a lot recently and when he saw us eating it he just had to have some too.  Many people told us that he’d never “get into salad” until a much older age because of the texture of the lettuce but it seems that Mr. Jake doesn’t have a problem with it at all so he is allowed to have an unlimited amount of salad if he desires.  I think by far his favorite salad is caesar salad or anything with a creamy dressing (like ranch), however today Mike’s mom gave him some salad with a spicy italian dressing on it and he loved that too!  He’ll even do what is very hard for me to do…eat salad without any dressing on it!  I think over the next little while we’re going to experiment with a variety of different salad toppings to see just how interested he can get!  Yummy!

3 thoughts on “He eats what?!?!

  1. Fritz likes salad, too. And so did my big two at young ages. I think you are right. When you have it on the table regularly and eat it yourselves, the little ones eat it, too. It’s only natural. Though even still at 6 and 8 my big kids get strange looks from waitresses when they order salad (at Ruby Tuesday usually where the salad is from a salad bar).

  2. Tater is another salad lover, preferring the creamy dressings also, but she’ll eat it raw. She isn’t too fond of raw baby spinach, but will eat it. I made stir fry tonight, and she picked out the broccoli, then ate Jason’s, then mine. I eat a LOT of salad. Mine is actually just romaine lettuce, sometimes a spring mix, with oil and vinegar.

    She hates carrots, and I did(do) as a child(as an adult).

  3. That’s exactly Nathaniel! I was really surprised, I used to only give him some chopped up veggies while Jeff and I ate salad, and then one day he started pointing at my plate frantically and saying “that one too? that one too?” So just for kicks I put some salad lettuce on his plate and he gobbled it up! Now he eats salad just like us! What big boys our kiddos are getting to be, huh?

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