Home Safe

My mother and her husband arrived home safely from their European vacation tonight and I have to say I’m very relieved that they are back and safe.  I confess that I have a small (hmm…what should we call it) anxiety “issue” that I’ve pretty much had since I was a teenager and I constantly worry about the people I love when they are away…..thankfully they are home safe and sound.  We went over tonight to see them and hear all their tales of days spent in Paris, Rome and London!  I am so jealous because I’d love to be on vacation right now!  It sounds like they had a great time and their stories are a lot of fun!  I can’t wait for them to get all their photos uploaded so that I can take a look at their travels!

We were greatly blessed with gifts from europe and are quite overwhelmed by their generosity!  I’m especially excited about enjoying a nice cup of british tea and indulging in some of the chocolates brought back from Italy and England!  Jacob and the new baby got lost of surprises, as did Mike and I!  It was very generous and nice of them and we were not expecting the many treasures that we were given!  Thanks Mom and Danny!

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