Our Meal Plan Check In!

We started doing a family meal plan this week to help with food waste and to help keep us focused on healthy eating and I’ve got to say this is really working out fabulously for our family!  We are on day 5 of our new planned out meal life and I gotta say we’re really loving it and following through!  Mike and I realized this last night as we were all sitting around the table for our nightly dinner routine that we when we make a different meal every single night we have some leftovers that accumulate in the fridge so we’ve decided that one day out of the week we’ll put leftovers up on the menu and it will most likely be a night when I have to work so that it’s easier on Mike.  The other night we sat down and focused on making the menu for next week and went through the items that we already had in the house since we had some meat and canned goods stored up and we wanted to use them! I’m really impressed with next weeks schedule and I can’t wait to post it tomorow night!

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