The BIG Ultrasound Today

A lot of pregnant people refer to the Anatomical scan usually performed between weeks 18-20 as the BIG ultrasound because often times they find out the gender of their baby!  Today was technically our big ultrasound except that we did not find out the gender of the little peanut in my belly.  It was a pretty normal scan just like all the others except this time the woman who did the ultrasound spoke so softly I could barely make out the things she was saying.  From time to time I could make out a word or two here or there like “posterior placenta” or “heartbeat” but aside from that she was really murmuring her measurements into the microphone which ticked me off because I actually enjoy hearing those little things.  The baby was laying completly straight up and down in my stomach with its head down…I find this very intriguing since Jacob flipped head down at 18 weeks when I was pregnant with him and he was always in that position up until the day he was born; I wonder if this baby will be the same way.  The ultrasound tech said we needed to come back in two weeks since she was unable to get all the measurements she needed so we have another one scheduled on September 24th!  I think I will be all ultrasounded out by the time this baby makes her/his appearance!!  I think the coolest part of the ultrasound was when Mike, my Mom and Jacob came in to see the baby hanging out in my belly! So, that’s it bloggy folks…nothing too exhilirating since we don’t have any BIG news to report!

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