The Name Game

Mike and I don’t really talk about names for the new baby right now and I think that shocks a lot of people.  I’m not sure why but a lot of people have this idea that we should already be seriously thinking about names for the baby and truth be told Mike and I are just….not.  Once and a while we will throw out a name and ponder it and then put it into the back of our minds, stored away for future use.  We’ve decided this time around to keep all of our names thoughts from here on out private because we just want it to be a very special day when the baby comes around and we figure announcing the name on that day is a good way to do it.  In addition, we really don’t want to be accused of “stealing” “pilfering” or “taking” anyone else’s baby name idea so when people make suggestions or ideas I just nod my head and smile and don’t reveal if its one of the ones we’re thinking about or not.    Truthfully, I’m of the belief that names are available on a first come first served basis and that its totally ok to have two names in a circle of friends or family that are the same.  Recently, I mentionned a name I liked to Mike and without hesitation or complaint he responded with “I like that” and that doesn’t happen very often so it’s definitely one of those “stored in the back of the head” names.  We have the added bonus of getting to consider names for both genders since we dont’ know the sex of our little peanut!  I think we’ll probably get real serious about name selection around the 30 week mark! 

One thought on “The Name Game

  1. Coming up with names is both fun and difficult. Somehow, though, our kids seem to get the perfect names. Fritz is such a total Fritz. We had considered Frederick (Fritz) for Cameron, but he is so NOT a Fritz today! Good luck coming up with the perfect name for this little one.

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