Pumpkin Carving!

We carved our family pumpkin tonight and it was so much fun!  Of course my little can’t get hands dirty boy refused to get down and grubby so he had to use the spoon!  It was so much fun and he even found a treat inside of the pumpkin!  Wow…lucky boy!






26 Weeks Pregnant!!

I’ve only got 98 days left until 40 weeks of pregnancy!  To put that in perspective I’ve already been pregnant for 182 days!  It’s pretty neat to watch the days tick by but more exciting to know that we’re down to double digits now!  Hooray!  Like previous weeks I’m still feeling like we have so much to do between now and when the baby makes her arrival so I’m sure time is going to continue flying by!  It was a really a neat experience to find out at the gender ultrasound on Saturday that the baby was going to be a girl and so cute to see her waving at us again!  It feels nice to know she’s still snuggled in there all nice and comfy.

I definitely can tell that the baby has started to grow this week because I started feeling some aches and pains in the pelvic area which I remember these feelings from being pregnant with Jacob.  Just the other day she wasn’t moving around very much and I laid down on the bed with the doppler to try and get her heartbeat and as soon as I put the doppler to my stomach she kicked my bladder hard three times….that will teach  me for disturbing her when she’s sleeping!  Ha! I’ve heard that between 26-29 weeks of pregnancy it is the critical lung development stage so grow baby grow! This week the baby is as long as an english cucumber!

I dont’ have an appointment with my care provider until the second week of November but I am going this Wednesday for my Gestational Diabetes test.  Please cross your fingers for me that I don’t have gestational diabetes this time around (I didn’t have it with Jacob).  For some reason I’ve been really paranoid about this test this time and I’m hoping its not an internal instinct that something is wrong!  I really hope to avoid that problem again this pregnancy so keep me in your thoughts! I’m going in first thing in the morning on Wednesday for a fasting Glucose Tolerance Test and I have to hang around the office for an hour after drinking the sugared drink before having my blood work done.  I guess I’d hear back from my doctor the following Monday if I didn’t pass…no news will be good news…as always!

BIG News…

After months of hesitation and uncertainty about what the gender of our next little one was we finally broke down….caved to the pressure and had a gender ultrasound!  We are very happy to announce that our family will be welcoming a baby girl to our home….

Jacob has been off at his grandparents house since yesterday afternoon for a sleep over so we haven’t had a chance to tell him the news!  I don’t think it will make much difference to him since he has told us all along that it was a GURGLE (girl) baby in Mama’s belly.  I was beginning to worry that he might be sadly disapointed if we had to tell him it was a brother baby instead of a girl baby.  We have some names in mind but they shall all remain secret until the day the little one decides that it wants a birthday!

After learning the news yesterday we went out shopping to try and pick up a coming home outfit for the little peanut but alas I was so shocked and overwhelmed that it was a girl that I really couldn’t focus.  I was standing in the stores in front of all the rows upon row of girl clothes feeling overwhelmed…..I’ve never had this sort of “clothing spread” available to me!  AHHHH!  In the end we got a carter’s sleeper and some stuff my mom picked up for her as well as a little carters track suit.  I usually enjoy shopping but I just needed to go home and relax while I soaked in the news about a little girl!  I was absolutely 100% prepared for a little boy and the thought of those 8-10 bins of used Jacob clothing sitting in my storage room is making me sick to my stomach.  I guess I’ll have to start going through them one at a time pulling out the stuff we can use for this new little one and decide what to do with the leftovers for now.

One thing I do know is that we are taking a deep breath and trying not to get sucked in by the girl’s fashion “must haves” so to speak and are sticking to the strict outline of how many clothes are appropriate and needed that we adopted this fall and winter for Jacob.  I have to say its been really nice to have only enough clothes that we have no choice but to do his laundry every week so I’m hoping this will hold true with the new little one!

That’s the news from our neck of the woods!  A little girl will be joinin our family sometime in the new year and I find myself imaginging her in very much the same way I imagined what Jacob would look like.  I wonder if she’ll have my chin and Mike’s eyes and blonde hair like her brother or maybe she’ll have my dark brown eyes and dark hair!  I don’t know what or whom she is going to look like except that I know she’ll be beautiful and perfect just the way she is!

Talk Talk Talk

We had to take Jacob to the Just for Kids Clinic yesterday because he was coming down with something and crying for no apparent reason (he’s fine so no worries) but when we were there the doctor whom we’ve never seen before remarked at his language skills.  Mike and I noticed her counting on her fingers how many months over 2 Jacob was (not quite 5  yet) and I asked her what she was doing.  The doctor said she was amazed at his language structure and skills and that he was talking at the level of 3 year old or beyond that.  I knew that he talked (ALOT and non-stop….lol) but I didn’t know that he was hitting language milestones of a kid that old.  I guess we dont’ really know a lot of two year olds and have never really had any experience other then him so I’m actually glad she said this to us….it will help remind us not to have too many expectations for our next child.  It’s funny that he’s above average for language development right now because when he was a baby he was so quiet and didn’t make a lot of sounds…I found myself often worried about his language development but I guess this is a lesson in always let your kids develop at their own pace…right?  Don’t worry though…we won’t be running off to sign him up for genuis level preschool….he is afterall still taking off his diaper and pooping on the floor instead of the potty and he does have an insane love for finding objects around the house to make a pretend sailboat….

Yup, just a typical average toddler to us…we like it that way.

Poor Mike….

This morning I took Mike to have his wisdom teeth taken out despite the fact that I am still feel disgustingly sick myself but I figured if I was going to be off work I might as well go sit in the office and support him. It’s hard for me to see Mike in pain and at times I felt tears welling up in my eyes because it’s just an uncomfortable and not natural feeling for me to experience seeing him in pain.  Maybe it was because I am pregnant but I just feel so bad for him and want him to get better as fast as he can!  He’s been sleeping since 1130 am now and I’ve been taking my own antibiotics while taking his into him as well as some pain killers.  While he’s been sleeping I’ve made some jello an chocolate pudding so that there was something soft for him to eat and I’ll make him some tomato soup for dinner tonight if he’s up to it…I’ve also got a good supply of ice so that we can reduce the swelling in his face….

Jacob doesn’t seem to understand that Daddy isn’t feeling better and knows that he’s in the room laying down….he just wants to play with Daddy and its hard for him to understand why he cant’.

Gosh I hope Mike has an easy recovery!

25 Weeks Pregnant!

Today marks 25 weeks pregnant!  I’ve truthfully not been focused on pregnancy this past week because I have been so sick and consumed with other things so this past week has gone by pretty quickly.  I still feel pretty good with no complaints at all…I’ve been sleeping better and my body has only had some mild aches and pains related to my hips expanding I think.  This week the baby is as big as a Rutabaga!

And over the next couple of weeks the baby will continue to grow and will be around the size of a large eggplant.

As always, I like to believe that no news is good news because everything continues to go well!  The baby is moving a lot more regularly now and I’ll be having my gestational diabetes test some time next week!

The Sickies…

I hate being sick. I hate being pregnant and sick more then I hate being sick. Mike spent most of the last week sick with a sore throat and sinus infection and I was beginning to think it might actually pass me by but I woke up yesterday mornin feeling rotton. My pregnancy has been progressing along magically and of course the sickies need to come knocking on my door to make me feel miserable. I have achy bones and clogged sinuses with a killer sore throat and I’d like nothing more then to spend the next three days in bed with the world shut out but I know that is impossible…in fact I have to work tonight. The good thing is that I am off on Monday and Tuesday then I only have to work three days and I am on vacation. Mike is in the kitchen as I type this making me some chicken noodle soup and I’m snuggled up on the sofa relaxing before I head into work…I should have just called in sick but the truth is I only have one sick day remaining for the rest of the year.

I sure hope the chicken soup helps…at least a little bit.

First Skating Lesson with Papa….

Jacob had his first skating lesson today…it is a parent and tot group at the arena and well I think he had mixed reviews!  He definitely didn’t like that he kept falling down but he was willing to keep trying so that is a good thing.  Here are a few cute pics from the effort…








Weekly Meal Plan…

Sunday  – Grilled Steaks, Baked Potatoes with Cauliflower and Broccoli
Monday   – Homemade pepperoni & vegetable flat bread pizza, Garden Salad
Tuesday  – Chicken, Veggie and Cheese Quesadilla’s, Cold Veggie Tray
Wednesday – Tomato Parmesan Soup & Grilled Cheese Sandwiches (Soup because of Mike’s wisdom teeth surgery)
Thursday –  Shepherd’s Pie with Peas and Carrot Medallions
Friday –   Cheese Tortellini in Tomato Sauce, Garden Salad
Saturday – Dinner out with Family


On Wednesday night I wasn’t feeling very hungry so I didn’t eat anything for dinner until about 9pm at which point I decided I’d just heat up a pizza pocket and have a light late dinner.  I put the pizza pocket into the microwave for just one minute which is just under the time the box reccomends.  I sat down and took a bite into it and suddenly the piece I had biten off was stuck to the roof of my mouth and scorching HOT!  I tried to spit the piece out but couldn’t because it was stuck to the flesh at the roof of my mouth and BURNING!  Finally I managed to stick my finger into my mouth and yank it out but the damage was already done…I had scorched the top of my mouth and it was already covered in blisters and hanging skin (I know you’re loving this visual right?).  I proceeded to drink two large glasses of ice water and went to bed knowing that usually your mouth heals pretty quickly but when I woke up in the morning I was still in pain.  I carefully made it through the day eating in the corners of my mouth and avoiding the sore area but late last night I woke up with raging pain in my mouth that it was unbearable!  I drank another couple glasses of ice water and went back to bed but the pain has continued throughout the day today so I’m contemplating going to the doctor to get it looked at.  I think I’ll let it be for one more night and if I feel in this much pain tomorrow morning I ‘ll stop by the walk in clinic…

I just don’t want to be that girl who came to the walk in clinic for a burn because she ate her darn food too fast!!