A Hectic Schedule…

I’ve spent the past couple of days organizing my day planner and trying to make sure all of our exciting family activities, events with friends, moving preparations, doctor’s appointments, etc. are included. As I looked over the next three months I realize that many of my “off days” are already booked with various events or obligations which leaves very little time for moving preparation and baby preparedness. At top of all the events and obligations we have we’ll also need to paint the new living room, baby’s room, and Jacob’s room at the new place. Ideally I’d like to also paint the kitchen and the Master Bedroom but I guess those projects will have to wait…there’s just zero chance we’ll be able to get it all accomplished unless a fairy god mother showed up and made it all happen. FAT CHANCE.

Next weekend is Thanksgiving and we’re planning and hoping to have a dinner at my mother’s as well as a dinner at my father’s house since Mike’s family is not doing anything this here and our life is currently too hectic to plan…we usually host Christmas for his family anyways. On Saturday morning I think we’re off to the pumpkin patch before dinner at my dad’s which might be Saturday but could also be on the Monday. The 14th of October is my prenatal appointment and at some point in the 2 weeks following that appointment I’ll probably have to arrange to get my gestational diabetes test done. Jacob has swimming every Wednesday night at 630 and skating lessons start on October 18th and will happen every Saturday at 1145 am. We have another appointment on October 25th and then a couple days later its Halloween. Ahhh! The weekend of November 1st we’re visiting family in Fenelon Falls for a family reunion and then on the 15th I believe we’re going shopping in Buffalo to get some things that we need for the new baby. The day after shopping (November 16th) is the Toronto Santa Claus Parade which we would never miss and the following weekend we have special plans that just got made this past week with friends….The last weekend in November is moving time for us! That’s about as far as my life goes for now and I guarantee it would probably go further if i had my work schedule that far in advance! At the end of November I’ll be 30 weeks pregnant and probably dying for some time off!

Are you overwhelmed yet? I am!

It’s ok though because I bet it helps the time pass by quickly in terms of pregnancy and getting to meet our new family addition! I just think I’m going to be exhausted!

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