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After months of hesitation and uncertainty about what the gender of our next little one was we finally broke down….caved to the pressure and had a gender ultrasound!  We are very happy to announce that our family will be welcoming a baby girl to our home….

Jacob has been off at his grandparents house since yesterday afternoon for a sleep over so we haven’t had a chance to tell him the news!  I don’t think it will make much difference to him since he has told us all along that it was a GURGLE (girl) baby in Mama’s belly.  I was beginning to worry that he might be sadly disapointed if we had to tell him it was a brother baby instead of a girl baby.  We have some names in mind but they shall all remain secret until the day the little one decides that it wants a birthday!

After learning the news yesterday we went out shopping to try and pick up a coming home outfit for the little peanut but alas I was so shocked and overwhelmed that it was a girl that I really couldn’t focus.  I was standing in the stores in front of all the rows upon row of girl clothes feeling overwhelmed…..I’ve never had this sort of “clothing spread” available to me!  AHHHH!  In the end we got a carter’s sleeper and some stuff my mom picked up for her as well as a little carters track suit.  I usually enjoy shopping but I just needed to go home and relax while I soaked in the news about a little girl!  I was absolutely 100% prepared for a little boy and the thought of those 8-10 bins of used Jacob clothing sitting in my storage room is making me sick to my stomach.  I guess I’ll have to start going through them one at a time pulling out the stuff we can use for this new little one and decide what to do with the leftovers for now.

One thing I do know is that we are taking a deep breath and trying not to get sucked in by the girl’s fashion “must haves” so to speak and are sticking to the strict outline of how many clothes are appropriate and needed that we adopted this fall and winter for Jacob.  I have to say its been really nice to have only enough clothes that we have no choice but to do his laundry every week so I’m hoping this will hold true with the new little one!

That’s the news from our neck of the woods!  A little girl will be joinin our family sometime in the new year and I find myself imaginging her in very much the same way I imagined what Jacob would look like.  I wonder if she’ll have my chin and Mike’s eyes and blonde hair like her brother or maybe she’ll have my dark brown eyes and dark hair!  I don’t know what or whom she is going to look like except that I know she’ll be beautiful and perfect just the way she is!

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