Common Courtesy…

A lot of times people you don’t know will do something to your child without asking permission and I’ve got to admit its kind of frustrating.  I can think of times when people would put their hands into Jacobs stroller to stroke his cheek and tap his nose all in response of how cute he was but still…..people shouldn’t be touching other people’s children without permission.

There is a lady around where we live who we’ve seen often and who knows Jacob and often says hello….today in the elevator she asked if Jacob would push floor 9 for her (since she’s seen us do numbers with him in the elevator before).   Jacob went to reach for the number 9 button and was about a half inch too short!  The lady turned around to Mike and I and said “is it okay if I just pick him up to push the button?”  I thought that was such a nice gesture that someone actually thought to ask before picking up someone else’s child!  I was quite content to say “of course you can pick him up” and the two of them worked together to push button #9….when we got out of the elevator even Mike commented to me….”Wow someone did it right and actually asked permission”.

It’s the little things that make my day…it truly is.

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