Election Day..

VOTE….Do it!  Today is Federal Election day in Canada and many of us (I would hope most of us) will be heading to the polls to cast our vote for the cadidates of our choice.  I have finally decided just this morning who I will vote for and feel pretty confident that I have weighed the platforms presented and will chose what I feel is best for our country.  VOTE…in some years we’ve had not so fabulous voter turn out but I’m urging everyone to take the 20 minutes it takes to walk to your local polling station and VOTE because this is an important election….important for you and important for me. 

I’m impressed with how quietly our election process rolled out in comparison to the current American election scheduled for November.  THe campaigns of potential Prime Minister’s only began just over a month ago and while there were some nasty comments and things that took place it has been nothing to the magnitude of mudslinging going on in the U.S.A.  I’m not sure how I’d feel living in the United States with such a drawn our process and much appreciate our quicker, quieter ideas about electing the head of our country.  I think everything in the USA is BIG!  So I guess chosing a president is a grand affair too!  I can only imagine how much money McCain and Obama have had to spend on their campaigns! 

Anyways, I’m not here to talk American politics….I’m here to remind all Canadians to VOTE, not because its your right….but because its important!  DO it! 


6 thoughts on “Election Day..

  1. Ditto to Heather. Of course, the whole reason for it is the Canadians don’t have scheduled elections like the Americans do, and there are positives and negatives to that… But the short political season is totally the smart way to do it. By the time elections roll around in the US, everyone is so sick of it!

  2. We were supposed to start having scheduled elections! Of course the man who put those into place is the same guy who went against it and called this election early! How ironic is that? LOL. I like the idea of fixed election dates! It makes sense to me!

  3. Of course there is nothing wrong with fixed dates. It’s when candidates start campaining 2 years before the election that’s the problem. It seems to me that American Polititions spend more time trying to get elected then doing there job once they are elected.

    I just hope that having fixed dates in canada doesn’t cause our polititions to act the same way here… after watching the conservitive ad campain for the last 2 years I fear it might already be to late.

  4. I voted and am hoping for another minority government. I figure it provides the best odds of us not getting screwed over.

  5. Well I will admit it that in previous election I have been one to not vote… however I was annoyed enough with our government that I wanted a say this time around (You don’t have a right to complain if you don’t vote right?) so I voted.. and now I can (and will) complain! Unfortunately we had the poorest voter turn-out this time around and it is very sad…

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