On Wednesday night I wasn’t feeling very hungry so I didn’t eat anything for dinner until about 9pm at which point I decided I’d just heat up a pizza pocket and have a light late dinner.  I put the pizza pocket into the microwave for just one minute which is just under the time the box reccomends.  I sat down and took a bite into it and suddenly the piece I had biten off was stuck to the roof of my mouth and scorching HOT!  I tried to spit the piece out but couldn’t because it was stuck to the flesh at the roof of my mouth and BURNING!  Finally I managed to stick my finger into my mouth and yank it out but the damage was already done…I had scorched the top of my mouth and it was already covered in blisters and hanging skin (I know you’re loving this visual right?).  I proceeded to drink two large glasses of ice water and went to bed knowing that usually your mouth heals pretty quickly but when I woke up in the morning I was still in pain.  I carefully made it through the day eating in the corners of my mouth and avoiding the sore area but late last night I woke up with raging pain in my mouth that it was unbearable!  I drank another couple glasses of ice water and went back to bed but the pain has continued throughout the day today so I’m contemplating going to the doctor to get it looked at.  I think I’ll let it be for one more night and if I feel in this much pain tomorrow morning I ‘ll stop by the walk in clinic…

I just don’t want to be that girl who came to the walk in clinic for a burn because she ate her darn food too fast!!

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