Common Courtesy…

A lot of times people you don’t know will do something to your child without asking permission and I’ve got to admit its kind of frustrating.  I can think of times when people would put their hands into Jacobs stroller to stroke his cheek and tap his nose all in response of how cute he was but still…..people shouldn’t be touching other people’s children without permission.

There is a lady around where we live who we’ve seen often and who knows Jacob and often says hello….today in the elevator she asked if Jacob would push floor 9 for her (since she’s seen us do numbers with him in the elevator before).   Jacob went to reach for the number 9 button and was about a half inch too short!  The lady turned around to Mike and I and said “is it okay if I just pick him up to push the button?”  I thought that was such a nice gesture that someone actually thought to ask before picking up someone else’s child!  I was quite content to say “of course you can pick him up” and the two of them worked together to push button #9….when we got out of the elevator even Mike commented to me….”Wow someone did it right and actually asked permission”.

It’s the little things that make my day…it truly is.

Prenatal Appointment!

Yesterday afternoon I had my 24 week prenatal check up with my physician whom I adore!  Really there is not much to report which is good news if you ask me.  My weight was exactly the same as it was just over a month ago, my blood pressure was good and also the exact same it was just over a month ago.  The baby’s heart rate was 158 and my uterus was measuring bang on for my estimated due date of February 2nd.  I got the results back for my maternal serum screening that I did at 20 weeks and it was a “screen negative” for neural tube defects which I already knew that this would be the outcome since the doctor had not called me in for the results.  The doctor also gave me a requisition form for a glucose test so that I could go at around the 26 week mark to get my gestational diabetes test done which most pregnant people have to do at that point in their pregnancy…a lot of people complain about how horrible the sugary drink is they make you take but truthfully it wasn’t that horrible when I did it last time. 

The doctor and I chatted at length about my troubles sleeping lately because of various nightmares that I’ve been having and I was again reminded of how honest my doctor is.  I mentionned specifically the dreams that I was having where I died during child birth and how thought consuming those dreams were and I’ve got to say her response really put me at ease.  I had explained to the doctor that in the dreams I was dying because of my weight being an issue and she said that the weight is not what matters the most, it is your health and you Melissa are in perfect health.  I really appreciated that she had this impression of me and when I think about it, there is truth in that statement.  I know I need to get serious and lose weight and will do so following this baby but I am in perfect health overall.  I have decent blood pressure, no heart problems, and I don’t come to her office several times a year to complain of illness…I go once per year for my physical and that’s it for the most part aside from the rare incidence of strep throat.  The doctor explained that the people that are at the most risks of complications related to delivery are the people who are in poor health and that yes excessive weight can make it more difficult to say deliver vaginally or recover from a c-section….it doesn’t make it impossible. 

The appointment was very bittersweet for me because it was my last official appointment with her for pre-natal care….at 28 weeks I am moving over to my OB, the one that saw me through Jacob’s pregnancy but did not deliver him; this stirs up a whole range of emotions for me but I know I will manage. I am reassured by my doctor that at any point in my pregnancy I can call up and get an appointment to check in and see how I’m doing with my anxiety around the delivery or to just talk about how the pregnancy is going…I like that and I may just take her up on the offer as the time for delivery approaches, I hate the professional medical approach of OB’s and I know there are times when I love it…my doctor thinks had I not had the complications with Jacob’s delivery, I would have been a prime candidate for a midwife; I think I agree with her. 

So there you have it folks…No weight gain, good blood pressure, heart rate 158, bang on for due date uterus, and gestational diabetes test at 26 weeks…..nothing too exciting. 

Election Day..

VOTE….Do it!  Today is Federal Election day in Canada and many of us (I would hope most of us) will be heading to the polls to cast our vote for the cadidates of our choice.  I have finally decided just this morning who I will vote for and feel pretty confident that I have weighed the platforms presented and will chose what I feel is best for our country.  VOTE…in some years we’ve had not so fabulous voter turn out but I’m urging everyone to take the 20 minutes it takes to walk to your local polling station and VOTE because this is an important election….important for you and important for me. 

I’m impressed with how quietly our election process rolled out in comparison to the current American election scheduled for November.  THe campaigns of potential Prime Minister’s only began just over a month ago and while there were some nasty comments and things that took place it has been nothing to the magnitude of mudslinging going on in the U.S.A.  I’m not sure how I’d feel living in the United States with such a drawn our process and much appreciate our quicker, quieter ideas about electing the head of our country.  I think everything in the USA is BIG!  So I guess chosing a president is a grand affair too!  I can only imagine how much money McCain and Obama have had to spend on their campaigns! 

Anyways, I’m not here to talk American politics….I’m here to remind all Canadians to VOTE, not because its your right….but because its important!  DO it! 


A Pumpkin Picking We Will Go!

In true Johnson family tradition we were off to the pumpkin patch for our annual trip! We were pleasantly surprised by all the upgrades and wonderful new things they have for the children to do! You can definitely tell that their business is doing fabulously and I’m happy for them because its really such a fun place and I love that everything is centered around pumpkins and autumn! There are A LOT of pictures but I’ll try to share only my favourites which is still quite a few! Enjoy!













That’s right! Hill Rolling!



The pumpkins we took home!


24 Weeks Pregnant…

Today I am officially 24 weeks pregnant or 6 months and entering my 7th month of pregnancy!  Things continue to move along very smoothly and I’m feel very little discomfort aside from the usual tiredness which probably has more to do with burning the candle at both ends and not so much to do with growing a baby.  To all of my bloggy friends:  how do you think this pregnancy is going, fast or slow?  I’m curious to see what people think aside from Mike and I.  24 weeks marks a pivotal point in pregnancy where we start to enter the age of viability which is frightening and exciting at the same time.  I definitely do not want a baby to come for at least 12 weeks but more would be even better….there’s just something slightly reassuring that if something horrible were to happen from here on out there is a chance things could be ok. 

Today is Thanksgiving for us Canadians and a chance to reflect on the things that we are thankful for so I suppose this would be the best time to state that I am thankful for my family that is with me, and the child that is in me….thankful that we have love in a world where many do not.  I am thankful that we have had the opportunity so far to grow this baby when we thought in the beginning we might not.  It’s an interesting perspective this thing called Thanksgiving….sneaking up on us once a year to remind us of all the wonderful things in our life we have to be thankful for. 

The baby starts to really grow and put on more weight now as we get close to the third trimester of prenancy!  Can you believe that?  The third trimester…meaning we are nearly 2/3rds of the way to meeting our new baby boy or girl!  I’m excited but trying to restrain my excitement because of all the other exciting events going on in the next two months!  Here is an excerpt I took from a pregnancy website about how our baby is growing at 24 weeks….

When you are 24 weeks pregnant, your baby now has basic control of all of its senses — vision, smell, touch, hearing, and taste. He or she can swallow. Your baby’s head is still large compared to its body size.
He or she is getting ready for life outside of you! Other fetal development that is occurring when you are 24 weeks pregnant includes the following:
  • Blood vessels in the lungs are developing
  • Your baby has almost fully developed eyelashes
  • Your baby is starting to produce white blood cells, which fight disease and infection
  • Your baby’s inner ear is now completely developed.

I thought that was pretty neat!  The baby this week is about as long as an ear of corn!  Weird! 


No news is good news right? That’s all I’ve got to say this week! Tomorrow is my 24 week appointment with my care provider and I guess I’ll be scheduling my glucose tolerance test at some point soon!

Ready for Skating Lessons….

Jacob starts skating next week so that if he’s interested in playing hockey he’ll be ready when he’s old enough! Here he is trying on his hockey helmet and hockey stick….the helmet is mandatory for lessons and the stick is just something his papa picked up for him! Such a cutie!


Weekly Meal Plan….

For some reason we forgot to post this last week so here is our plan for the upcoming week!  It’s filled with a lot of Thanksgiving goodness!

Sunday – Turkey Dinner at Dad’s!
Monday – Turkey Dinner at Mom’s!
Tuesday – Baked Macaroni and Cheese, Veggies and Dip
Wednesday – Homemade Sub Sandwiches, Cream of Broccoli Soup
Thursday – Grilled Chicken Breasts, White Rice and Stir Fried Peppers, Onions, and Mushrooms.
Friday –  Lasagna, Casesar Salad, Garlic Bread
Saturday – Leftovers!!

Technical Difficulties…

Everyone is able to see our blog but unfortunately something is going on with our internet provider and Mike and I have not been able to update our blogs for the past two day.  I’m here at my dad’s to do a quick update for you all but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get back to regular posting or not!  Mike is trying to sort out the problems so stay tuned!

We’re in for a YUM-O weekend….

Our family will be enjoying two delicious Turkey dinners this weekend and I’m so excited!  I’ve done so great with watching what I’ve eaten since becoming pregnant that I’m excited to just enjoy some good home cooked meals without feeling guilty for indulging!  I love love love my mom’s stuffing so I’m really excited about that plus I’m looking forward to some mashed potatos and gravy!  Oh and pie!  I’m definitely having some apple pie this weekend…..pie is one of those things that I love but I have resisted it every single time its been available to me because I just didn’t want to indulge but this weekend…bring on the pie!  I’m sure I’ll still just have a small piece but it will be yummy none the less!  I hope my mom remembered the whip cream!  I haven’t gained any weight really this pregnancy yet (although from the look of me I think differently but the scale doesn’t lie)….so I’m just going to eat guilt free this weekend and then go back to watching more carefully after the holiday weekend!  I can’t go to crazy though because I do have my gestational diabetes test coming up in the next couple of weeks! 

Alphabet, Spelling, Phonics, Reading……

Jacob really seems to have a fascination with letters lately! I admit that he talks A LOT and is hitting his language milestones very ahead of what is considered normal and people often comments that he “talks like a big man”. When I say that he talks A LOT…I mean A LOT! Just the other day he was in the car with my mother and I and he basically talked from the time we got in until the time we got out…..”you will drive in your seat nana?”…..”we will go to the restaurant mama?”….”the car will park in the parking lot”…”we will go in restaurant and all sit down”….Basically you get your step by step directions about what’s going to happen from Jacob! Everywhere we go Jacob needs to read letters on signs, on boxes, on stores, on license plates, on buses! Jacob pretty much knows the entire alphabet and can pronounce the letters pretty clearly now and thanks to our favourite show Super Why he’s learning to sound out words and recognize the sounds that all the letters make! I love this show and highly recommend it if you are going to allow your children to watch TV…the entire showis about Words, Letters, Spelling, Phonics, Reading etc. I’ve got to say that I’ve never imagined that this day would come so quickly…that I could converse in full conversations with my toddler and actually understand what he’s saying! I’m impressed!