Poor Mike….

This morning I took Mike to have his wisdom teeth taken out despite the fact that I am still feel disgustingly sick myself but I figured if I was going to be off work I might as well go sit in the office and support him. It’s hard for me to see Mike in pain and at times I felt tears welling up in my eyes because it’s just an uncomfortable and not natural feeling for me to experience seeing him in pain.  Maybe it was because I am pregnant but I just feel so bad for him and want him to get better as fast as he can!  He’s been sleeping since 1130 am now and I’ve been taking my own antibiotics while taking his into him as well as some pain killers.  While he’s been sleeping I’ve made some jello an chocolate pudding so that there was something soft for him to eat and I’ll make him some tomato soup for dinner tonight if he’s up to it…I’ve also got a good supply of ice so that we can reduce the swelling in his face….

Jacob doesn’t seem to understand that Daddy isn’t feeling better and knows that he’s in the room laying down….he just wants to play with Daddy and its hard for him to understand why he cant’.

Gosh I hope Mike has an easy recovery!

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