Prenatal Appointment!

Yesterday afternoon I had my 24 week prenatal check up with my physician whom I adore!  Really there is not much to report which is good news if you ask me.  My weight was exactly the same as it was just over a month ago, my blood pressure was good and also the exact same it was just over a month ago.  The baby’s heart rate was 158 and my uterus was measuring bang on for my estimated due date of February 2nd.  I got the results back for my maternal serum screening that I did at 20 weeks and it was a “screen negative” for neural tube defects which I already knew that this would be the outcome since the doctor had not called me in for the results.  The doctor also gave me a requisition form for a glucose test so that I could go at around the 26 week mark to get my gestational diabetes test done which most pregnant people have to do at that point in their pregnancy…a lot of people complain about how horrible the sugary drink is they make you take but truthfully it wasn’t that horrible when I did it last time. 

The doctor and I chatted at length about my troubles sleeping lately because of various nightmares that I’ve been having and I was again reminded of how honest my doctor is.  I mentionned specifically the dreams that I was having where I died during child birth and how thought consuming those dreams were and I’ve got to say her response really put me at ease.  I had explained to the doctor that in the dreams I was dying because of my weight being an issue and she said that the weight is not what matters the most, it is your health and you Melissa are in perfect health.  I really appreciated that she had this impression of me and when I think about it, there is truth in that statement.  I know I need to get serious and lose weight and will do so following this baby but I am in perfect health overall.  I have decent blood pressure, no heart problems, and I don’t come to her office several times a year to complain of illness…I go once per year for my physical and that’s it for the most part aside from the rare incidence of strep throat.  The doctor explained that the people that are at the most risks of complications related to delivery are the people who are in poor health and that yes excessive weight can make it more difficult to say deliver vaginally or recover from a c-section….it doesn’t make it impossible. 

The appointment was very bittersweet for me because it was my last official appointment with her for pre-natal care….at 28 weeks I am moving over to my OB, the one that saw me through Jacob’s pregnancy but did not deliver him; this stirs up a whole range of emotions for me but I know I will manage. I am reassured by my doctor that at any point in my pregnancy I can call up and get an appointment to check in and see how I’m doing with my anxiety around the delivery or to just talk about how the pregnancy is going…I like that and I may just take her up on the offer as the time for delivery approaches, I hate the professional medical approach of OB’s and I know there are times when I love it…my doctor thinks had I not had the complications with Jacob’s delivery, I would have been a prime candidate for a midwife; I think I agree with her. 

So there you have it folks…No weight gain, good blood pressure, heart rate 158, bang on for due date uterus, and gestational diabetes test at 26 weeks…..nothing too exciting. 

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  1. What a wonderful doctor you have. Great checkup. You are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO making me want another baby… After we move and after 30lbs I will.

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