Talk Talk Talk

We had to take Jacob to the Just for Kids Clinic yesterday because he was coming down with something and crying for no apparent reason (he’s fine so no worries) but when we were there the doctor whom we’ve never seen before remarked at his language skills.  Mike and I noticed her counting on her fingers how many months over 2 Jacob was (not quite 5  yet) and I asked her what she was doing.  The doctor said she was amazed at his language structure and skills and that he was talking at the level of 3 year old or beyond that.  I knew that he talked (ALOT and non-stop….lol) but I didn’t know that he was hitting language milestones of a kid that old.  I guess we dont’ really know a lot of two year olds and have never really had any experience other then him so I’m actually glad she said this to us….it will help remind us not to have too many expectations for our next child.  It’s funny that he’s above average for language development right now because when he was a baby he was so quiet and didn’t make a lot of sounds…I found myself often worried about his language development but I guess this is a lesson in always let your kids develop at their own pace…right?  Don’t worry though…we won’t be running off to sign him up for genuis level preschool….he is afterall still taking off his diaper and pooping on the floor instead of the potty and he does have an insane love for finding objects around the house to make a pretend sailboat….

Yup, just a typical average toddler to us…we like it that way.

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