We’re in for a YUM-O weekend….

Our family will be enjoying two delicious Turkey dinners this weekend and I’m so excited!  I’ve done so great with watching what I’ve eaten since becoming pregnant that I’m excited to just enjoy some good home cooked meals without feeling guilty for indulging!  I love love love my mom’s stuffing so I’m really excited about that plus I’m looking forward to some mashed potatos and gravy!  Oh and pie!  I’m definitely having some apple pie this weekend…..pie is one of those things that I love but I have resisted it every single time its been available to me because I just didn’t want to indulge but this weekend…bring on the pie!  I’m sure I’ll still just have a small piece but it will be yummy none the less!  I hope my mom remembered the whip cream!  I haven’t gained any weight really this pregnancy yet (although from the look of me I think differently but the scale doesn’t lie)….so I’m just going to eat guilt free this weekend and then go back to watching more carefully after the holiday weekend!  I can’t go to crazy though because I do have my gestational diabetes test coming up in the next couple of weeks! 

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