Just a Go With the Flow Kind of Kid…

So much is changing in Jacob’s world right now and I feared that he would not be able to handle so much change in such a short period of time…but as always Jacob is proving to be just a “go with the flow” type of child. We’ve tried to involve him in the moving process as much as possible and even took him with us when we viewed the new place and every time that we needed to “stop by” to do something related to the move. I secretly hoped that he might get excited about the prospect of a new and bigger place to live where there was plenty of room and it turns out I got my wish. We are at least 1-2 weeks away from having everything here unpacked and settled but Jacob has adapted to his new surroundings with ease and excitement! I couldn’t have asked for a better transition.

Another large change for Jacob since the move has been the absence of his crib (which was being used in toddler bed format) and the arrival of his brand new bedroom furniture. I thought perhaps we might find some anxious reservations from him about taking his bed away and giving him a new bed but instead he was again very excited and content about the whole situation. At night time for the past few nights I’ve peered in on him in his giant new big boy bed and I get a tad bit sentimental about the whole situation….Suddenly it’s as if he is teeny tiny again like the first day we brought him home, laid him down in the crib and Mike and I reflected to each other about how the crib seemed so large for such a tiny infant…..now the twin bed seems so large for such a tiny toddler. I want to remember these moments in life, when everything about him seemed so small and perfect. I want to remember how wonderful and smart he is and how much sunshine and breath he exhales into my life. I want to always remember how care free and vibrant he is…how easy it is for him to adjust to the changes we’re throwing at him all too fast….I want to remember because I know there will come days and times when I will be tempted to easily forget…I want to remember so that when I tell his little sister stories about him when he was “her age” that I will only include the stories that brought joy to my life.

A lot more transition is happening around this house in the next little while with the never ending quest for Jacob to get accustomed to the potty, the hope that one day he’ll withdraw himself from his pacifier and the knowledge that just around the corner lurks the coming of another life for our family which is perhaps the biggest transition of them all. I pray his gentle spirit and easy going nature continues with him over the next few months and I pray that I can be all that he needs to get through whatever difficulty he might experience as a result.


I’m tired and I want a quiet life for a while…one that doesn’t involove moving and boxes. Christmas is usually my favourite time of year and this year it seems I’m so disapointed about the whole thing. I want to make it exciting and memorable for Jacob and yet December 1st will come and go and I can’t even find which box has the special advent calendar I bought for him. I feel a small depression coming on which I know is entirely situational because of how chaotic this move has been for the past 2 weeks…I know once everything is settled it will be better. Seriously…next time I am moving out of the city so I can hire movers to just come and do it all for me. I fear the end of it all will never come…I have so much to do and feel like I am running out of time to do it….9 weeks is all we have left at MOST until the baby comes home and I am just running out of time to do the things I need to do. I just know things will get done because my mom always helps me out, she is one of those get things done kind of people….but I wanted to prepare some frozen meals and work on Jacob’s scrapbook album to get them done before the baby arrived. I guess what it all boils down to is a sense of disconection from that familiar feeling of home. I love our new place but it doesn’t feel like home when I can’t find my deoderant and it won’t feel like home on December 1st when I don’t have my Christmas tree up with all its beautiful fixings…I’ll get over it – I think we’ll just focus on unpacking one box at a time.

Is The End In Sight?

I am so tired of boxes. I’m afraid if one more box enters our new place that I might find myself hurled over the toilet praying to the porcelin god. I want this move to be over with because it feels like the never ending saga but I am praying that the end is in sight….I am sure the people that have all been helping us feel the same way. The majority of stuff from our old place is moved over and we have a few loads to do tomorrow which shouldn’t take too long…after that there is a bit of work to be done around the old place and then we’re free from our small 2 bedroom abode for good. EVERY one that has been helping us have been our saving grace this week…my mom, danny, and victoria especially….THANK YOU!

I think next weekend I want to put all the moving stress aside and have a good family weekend with Mike and Jacob…we’ve got our ticket to the Santa Claus Experience for Saturday afternoon which happens to also be after our local (small) Santa Claus Parade so I think we can make that a fun day. I was thinking maybe on Sunday we’d go to church and then bake some cookies before decorating the house for Christmas….I haven’t decided yet but I just want to relax and not stress…even though we still have to do the baby’s room, I think everyone deserves a relaxing break! I really think people have just worked so hard and I am really grateful for everyone’s help and assistance…again THANK YOU!

Let’s all cross our fingers that the end is in sight!

I LOVE Consigning!

I’ve never ventured into the world of consigning before….well I shouldn’t say ever! There were a few times I did try to sell some clothes on one of the clothing boards I belong too but the buyers were all American and the shipping from Canada to the U.S.A was a killer so I wasn’t really making any money! As Jacob out grew his clothes I saved them in bins in case I had another little boy next but now that we have learned that we are having a baby girl we have decided to part with his old stuff! I wanted to get a taste of what it was like to consign so on a spur of the moment whim my mother and I packed up two bins of Jacob’s winter clothes from last year and headed off to a consignment shop with Jacob in tow. The ladies worked through the bins taking a lot of stuff for themselves, giving back summer stuff that had somehow gotten thrown in, and rejecting the very few items that had stains…..I was shocked when they handed over $145.00 in cash! YES! I have another 6-8 bins left to go through from Jacob’s very first days of life up until now so I’m hoping to get another $300.00! I think consignment selling might just be my new favorite thing! Oh…and the other great thing? When we were in the consignment shop mom found a nearly new pair of Osh Kosh snow pants in size 2T that matched his winter coat perfectly and they were only $12.00! Needless to say, those definitely came home with us and now I can consign his size 18-24 months pair from last year!

The In Between Stage…

We’re currently at the in between stage of our move…we dont’ have enough stuff at either one of our places to live comfortably so hopefully tomorrow night we can get almost everything done. We’ve gotten some bigger stuff moved over tonight and for the past hour and a half we’ve been working on trying to get our bedroom all packed up to move…that in itself is a big task since for some reason we’ve always neglected our bedroom and its become more of a sleep & storage center rather then a comfortable place to rest…here’s to a new beginning.

Tomorrow we’ll move over some more items and hope to have everything out by Friday at the latest so we can do some of the fixer-upper stuff that needs to be done around the place before we hand over the keys. I’ve got to admit I’ve worked pretty hard the last two days trying to get things packed and I’m really tired….very very tired.


Yesterday afternoon I felt tightening in my belly that lasted about 30 seconds and then went away and I sort of shrugged it off as stretching of the uterus. Last night when I was out and about at Ikea I felt it again, this time it happened twice in the hour we were in IKEA but by the time I got home they had gone away. When I finally got home last night and tried to rest a big it happened again but since then nothing has happened and the baby is moving just fine. I never had any braxton hicks contractions with Jacob (or at least I didn’t feel them) so I’m wondering if that is what these were. I hope that I’m not going to have one of those pregnancies where you just have contractions off and on until the end…how frustrating would that be! I have to say that the contractions I felt were not super painful just slightly uncomfortable and felt a little like period cramps if you ask me. You know, you’d think having done this before that I’d know what was going on but I don’t! The one thing though that is different between this pregnancy and the previous one is that in Jacob’s I would have rushed off to the hospital but this time I know its just par for the course!

A New Trend or Just Luck?

On Saturday night Jacob slept over at my mom’s and slept in until 8am on Sunday morning which was a shock to Mike and I since we are so use to his 6am wake up calls…I will admit we were a little jealous!
Yesterday morning however, Jacob slept in until practically 8am for us too which shocked the heck out of us again but what we were not expecting was that he’d do it a THIRD time in three days. This morning when I got out of bed to go to the bathroom as I do about a million times a night, Jacob was still sound asleep at 750am! I am hoping this is the start of things to come but it may just be a coincidence or a part of all the stress we’re all under with moving this week! I wish that I could find a away to get some sleep at night so that I could take advantage of this extra 2 hours of sleep that Jacob seems to be needing right now!

Not Feeling So Hot…

I’m not sure if I didn’t eat enough today or if I’m just tired from not sleeping at night and hot having naps during the day but I feel like I haven’t got a drop of energy. I started getting a headache mid-afternoon that didn’t go away but only got worse as the day continued. After a trip to Ikea to pick up Jacob’s bed I could tell that I was not going to be in for a good night….I just felt myself dragging. The headache continued and by 8pm I couldn’t take it anymore, I tried to lay down but I just couldn’t get comfortable…..I thought that if I just laid down and closed my eyes for a few minutes that eventually the headache would go away…not a chance. When I got up from laying on the floor I felt dizzy and my eyesight was a bit blurry so I decided to come home from our new place and try to get some sleep but of course as with every single night for the past month I couldn’t sleep. I just can’t and I really don’t think that anybody in my life except for Miike really gets that…I think everybody else probably just thinks “yeah right”. I’m sitting here now with the lights off and an ice pack on my head hoping that will remedy the situation….of course the biggest concern is my blood pressure but it’s not the most horrific headache I’ve ever had so I know there is no need to go running off to the hospital….I just hope that its not a sign that my blood pressure is creeping up!

In other news the old place is slowly starting to empty out and I feel good about it…so does Mike. Our storage room is pretty much empty! YAY and tomorrow we’re going to focus on getting the living room DONE and ready to go as well as our bedroom! There isn’t a ton of things to do and I’m pretty sure that by the time Mike gets home tomorrow he’ll be able to cart over some more boxes and we’ll probably have our living room, kitchen, bathroom, front hall closet, and bathroom pretty much empty. We’ve been working hard over the past couple of weeks and I feel really proud of all the stuff we’ve done….I know sometimes I feel overwhelmed and talk about still having a lot to do but I truthfully dont’ think we’re in bad shape. I bet we’ll be almost entirely moved out of here by Thursday night…then we’ll have Friday, Saturday AND Sunday to get this place cleaned up and ready for the keys to be passed on over!

We’ve had a lot of help from my Mom and Danny and Victoria and we’re definitely grateful for that…luckily enough for us we’re both fortunate to have people in our lives that help out, each in their own way. I think what’s been hardest for Mike and I is not having the time over the past week to just sit down and be together without having other people around…..I look forward to that after the move. For now we’re just really thankful to everyone that has offered and worked hard to help us out!

100, 000 Hits!

At some point in the last week my blog official surpassed the 100, 000th hit….it shocked me because this blog domain has only been around for 7 months…but made me happy to think that I’m doing a good job of keeping our friends, family members, and I guess the cyber world updated on the happenings of our family! Thanks to all of you bloggy friends for making www.mamamelissa.com such a fun thing to upkeep!