28 Weeks Pregnant!

Well…It’s official the countdown to delivery is approaching! I have no idea when I’ll deliver but I do have a plan about how its going to happen after today’s appointment with my OB..(more about that in a bit).

At my appointment today all the regular stuff was normal i.e blood pressure was 130/80, no sugar in urine, baby heart rate good, and I had not gained any weight since my last appointment. My gestational diabetes results seem to be officially LOST, so I still don’t know if I passed or failed and now both of my doctor’s are on the hunt to the lab to try and get them FOUND. Grr.

Next week we are going for a growth scan to see how the baby is growing and make sure the amniotic fluid levels are doing good at this point…I will see my doctor again in 3 weeks, then after that every 2 weeks until 36 weeks, then once a week after that. At 35 weeks I will have a biophysical profile ultrasound on the baby to again check her growth, breathing, and most importantly her amniotic fluid. If at any point from here on out the baby shows any sign of distress i.e not growing properly, low amniotic fluid, etc. I will have a c-section either on the spot (depending on the problem) or within a few days to make sure we get the baby out on time and healthy….the goal: healthy mama, healthy baby girl. I will continue to have biophysical profiles from 35 weeks on to monitor the baby and make sure she is doing ok and again at any point if any problems arise I would have a scheduled c-section. If best case scenario the baby is absolutely ok, growing well, no amniotic fluid (which is what we are hoping for) we will continue the pregnancy as normal hoping that I will go into labor on my own, have a VBAC with the same goal as above: healthy baby, healthy mama. If my body does not go into labor on it’s own by 40 weeks I will have a c-section and we’ll get the baby out that way at exactly 40 weeks pregnant. I will not undergo any form of induction measures at any point in the pregnancy….no cervidil, no pitocin, notta….I feel that this is the best plan of action for us. I was not thrilled about a c-section again to begin with…but I am at a point where I am able to accept it if it’s necessary, but I obviously want to make sure its necessary. The fact that I wasn’t thrilled about a c-section had nothing to do with feeling “robbed” or “deprived” of a normal birth experience, but everything to do with the fear and anxiety that developed because of my first c-section….and because I beleive that had I had a normal end of pregnancy with Jacob I would have been able to delivery him vaginally. I want to do what is the safest for everyone, that has the least amount of recovery time possible….and I feel that the VBAC is the way to go at this point….with a strict plans about when and why we’d opt for a c-section. I have been quietly and emotionally preparing myself for the delivery of this baby,which is why I haven’t talked about it much on the boards..both Mike and I have thought long and hard and prayed that we would have the knowledge about how to proceed with this delivery and this plan just really sits well and comfortable for both of us.

I’m currently possibly going to be going off of work on sick leave for the duration of my pregnancy because of my stress and anxiety, exhaustion, and also because of low iron and the episode I had at the mall on Friday…Mike and I have also thought long and hard about this as well and we both think that my body is unable to tolerate the long hectic hours at the treatment center at this point, and my physician agrees that my physical and emotional self needs to be resting to best take care of this baby and myself….Mike was very worried about me on Friday at urgent care and wants me to take it easy, no bed rest but I do need to be resting a lot and trying not to be stressed…it will also help with a VBAC for my mind to be at ease, focused, and free of the overwhelming stress of work…I love my job and all the people involved there for sure and I am definitely going to miss the adult conversation with my co-workers….I actually really enjoy the work we do and all my coworkers are all pretty awesome people but I have to do what I have to do to be healthy and in a good state of mind for this delivery. I’m going to go in either on Tuesday or Wednesday to talk to my boss and….she was pretty much in support of this idea last week during a conversation I had with her about my doctor thinking it was time to stop working and get my health and overall state of being improved.

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  1. I’m sorry you are feeling poorly. Hopefully if you do go off work you will be able to take care of yourself and get your whole body ready for the birthing. I’m glad there is a plan in place to be sure your little girl comes out when she needs to. I know you aren’t looking forward to a repeat c/s, but I can guarantee you a planned one (even if it’s a let’s do it right now sort of thing) will be better than one following hours and hours and days of a failed induction.

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