29 Weeks Pregnant!

Yesterday I turned 29 weeks pregnant which means I officially have no more then 11 weeks left to be pregnant so I’m just trying to revel in that and relax while enjoying the good parts of being in the third trimester like feeling the baby move and shopping for new things!  This past week I’ve definitely realized that the baby is starting to grow a lot because I can feel the itch and stretch in my stomach that has suddenly gone from not being a big deal to slightly uncomfortable.  I’m ok with the uncomfy stuff that is coming my way because I know it’s a sign of being in the home stretch and one day closer to meeting our little girl.  When I think about being 30 weeks pregnant next Monday it’s just astounding to me that we’ve gone 3/4ths of the way there and have just that last quarter to get through before we met her.

We’re coming up on the part of pregnancy that is full of appointments and ultrasounds.  I know that a lot of people dont’ get to have late pregnancy ultrasounds but because of complications at the end of Jacob’s pregnancy and my desire for a VBAC we are watching this baby closely.  Tomorrow Mike and I are headed to the ultrasound clinic to have a growth scan done on baby girl to make sure she’s growing properly and that the fluid levels are ok…at least I think we’re also looking at the fluid levels since that was the problem with Jacob.  On December 1st I have my 31 week appointment at which point we’ll talk more about our VBAC plan and get clear on the reasons that we’d do a c-section…of course I feel like we are all clear about that….we’ll do a c-section for any problem that requires immediate delivery, for any fluid level issues, and anything that could possibly come up that would require an early induction…otherwise I am good to go with the VBAC attempt until 40 weeks at which point if baby girl hasn’t shown her pretty face we’ll go ahead with the c-section on that day.  At 35 weeks I have a biophysical profile ultrasound so that we can start to see how baby girl is doing with fluid, breathing, size, etc…and I’m sure at some point I’ll have the group B strep test (I’m guessing around 35 -36 weeks).

It seems bizarre to be talking about the end of pregnancy like its just around the corner but it really is!  We’re thinking about registering Jacob for a siblings class which is hosted by the hospital that we’re going to deliver at but we haven’t gotten around to calling yet…I guess we’re just obsessed with the move and getting everything organized for that!  This week we’ve been focused on getting the things we need for Jacob’s new big boy room and once that is all set up in the new house we’ll start working on baby girl’s room!  We’ve already gotten the bedding and mom and I are going to work on making some curtains as well as some slip covers for the cushions on our glider!  The finishing touches are defintely going to be the wall letters once we have named her and hopefully some matching outlet/light switch covers.  In Jacob’s room we didn’t have a change table but we’re going to have one this time but thankfully it coverts to a regular dresser top after so it will be able to grow with little girl as a dresser in her room.  When mom and I went out shopping for the bedding I bought a cute lamp for the nursery and I’m excited to add some other accents like small white shelves, a toy bin (this use to be in jacob’s room and we’re swaping the red and blue bins for the pink and green at ikea…thanks Veronique for that idea).  I think its going to look marvelous and its so exciting to think about!

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  1. I agree with Heather – didn’t you JUST tell us you were preggo?? I’m so excited for you. Sounds like you’ve got lots of fun projects going on!

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