30 Weeks Pregnant….

Are you shocked? I am.

I can’t believe that I’ve hit the 30 weeks pregnant stage and I’m entering the home stretch now. It’s rather unbelievable how quickly our spring pregnancy turned into the summer, then the fall and its now fading into the winter. It’s crazy to think of how fast time has flown but when you sit down and look at everything we’ve had going on over the last few months it all makes sense. I’m sure over the course of the next few weeks I’m going to really regret saying that things seemed to zoom by because pregnancy seems to slow right down in those end weeks. When I sit back and think of where we’ve come from during this pregnancy it makes me really emotional to think that at one point our “baby” was considered a blighted ovuum and we were on our way towards a D&C. Sitting here now and feeling her move inside me, I can’t imagine how broken and upset I would have been to have gone through losing her….of course losing her now would be much more difficult but I try really hard to not think about anything like that these days…I simply look forward to meeting her and getting to know everything there is to know about her.

The baby is entering its busiest time for growing over the next 10 weeks and will work over the next 2 months to build up its weight to the size she will be when born…I have absolutely no idea how big this girl is going to be but I imagine if I go full term she’d be over 8 pounds and probably closer to 9 pounds based on how big Mike and I were at full term…of course I’m hoping she stays head down and ready to go for the rest of the pregnancy unlike Mike who was breech (and delivered that way) and his brother who was feet first (and also delivered that way). Jacob was 6 pounds at 36 weeks and 2 days so I don’t know how big he would have been had he baked another 3-4 weeks….but my guess is probably over 8 pounds. So much is happening for the baby right now but an important one is that the baby is practicing her breathing…that’s very important for life outside of the womb…obviously. I think the baby is supposed to be somewhere around 2.91 pounds now, still so very small! Keep baking baby girl…we’re patient!

I have so much to do to get her room prepared but I keep telling myself that its not important because she’ll sleep in our room with us for the first 6 months at least so there is definitely no priority on her room which is nice because it means we can take the time to get it just right! I am not certain that we have a lot of baby things that we have to get but I did contemplate getting her a jumperoo a couple months after she was born…I always wanted Jacob to have one of those and the rainforst jumperoo is just so cute; I guess we’ll reassess because really its more of what I consider a luxury item and not something that is needed, plus we have Jacob’s exersaucer which is in pretty good shape if you ask me! I definitely need a diaper bag and a family member of Mike’s gave us a bit of cash so we can put that money towards the cost of the diaper bag.

Once our move is settled down I’m going to focus on packing my hospital bag which last time got thrown together in the heat of our emergency induction moment and this time I’d like to have it done by 33 weeks so that if something happens someone can just pick it up for me instead of me making the big trek home from the doctor’s only to go all the way back to the hospital like last time.

I guess that’s it for now…nothing else to report! I ‘m feeling good overall but I’m definitely losing energy as the pregnancy continues and some days I do have a lot of pelvic pressure but nothing worth complaining about! My 31 week appointment is next week and it will probably be just another run of the mill average pregnancy appointment so don’t wait for any fascinating news….I’m really hoping that we’re riding this one out!

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