A New Trend or Just Luck?

On Saturday night Jacob slept over at my mom’s and slept in until 8am on Sunday morning which was a shock to Mike and I since we are so use to his 6am wake up calls…I will admit we were a little jealous!
Yesterday morning however, Jacob slept in until practically 8am for us too which shocked the heck out of us again but what we were not expecting was that he’d do it a THIRD time in three days. This morning when I got out of bed to go to the bathroom as I do about a million times a night, Jacob was still sound asleep at 750am! I am hoping this is the start of things to come but it may just be a coincidence or a part of all the stress we’re all under with moving this week! I wish that I could find a away to get some sleep at night so that I could take advantage of this extra 2 hours of sleep that Jacob seems to be needing right now!

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