A Passing Grade!

I’ve been waiting exactly 2 weeks to get my gestational diabetes test results back and truthfully I was started to get peeved that I was going to need to take the test again.  My family physician finally tracked down the results after my OB got on their case to get the results to him and they called me today….

I PASSED!  I can’t begin to tell you how excited I was to hear this because I had become increasingly paranoid that the delay in my results was because something was off or incorrect in them.  I feel like not having gestational diabetes is a big step in the right direction towards a VBAC and another step towards proving to doctors that not all overweight pregnant people get gestational diabetes…what a horrible stereotype!

The next challenge is to keep my blood pressure down and in control and to do that I need to be resting often with my feet up so I have to really focus on that and drinking LOTS of water to keep myself hydrated!  I’ve been researching some pro-VBAC sites and just overall preparing myself for this adventure…I believe that my body and my strong willed personality can do this!

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