Achy Bones…..

I can feel my body slowly giving in to the third trimester of pregnancy and it’s getting frustrating!  Every day it’s getting a little more difficult to get off our low couch, a little more difficult to sleep at night, and a little more difficult to stay up late for work.  I can feel the pressure increasing on my pelvic bone as the baby grows and as my belly grows along with her!  I need to find some exercises that will help me make this uncomfortable feeling seem more manageable.  I try to get up and walk whenever I can and I know that I could be doing that a little more then I have been so I think that’s going to be my goal over the next couple of weeks….keep moving!  I’m trying to survive the shift work but its slowly becoming a curse as my body begs me for more rest and more sleep.  I’ve only got about 12 weeks at most of this pregnancy left to get through so I know that I can do it….chances are that this baby will come early but you never know!

One thought on “Achy Bones…..

  1. I’m sorry you’re starting to feel the third trimester uncomfortableness! Hang in there, it will soon all be forgotten as you stare into your beautiful baby girl’s eyes!

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