Breaking my Own Rules…

I have a secret rule that I don’t like outerwear for children that has any type of branding on it and especially not anything that is publicity for children’s programming on TV.  This past week we went to get winter boots for Jacob and I had fully planned on getting a plain pair of navy blue winter boots but of course the store was filled with boots that were plastered with Deigo, Cars, Spider Man, etc.  I was able to find some boots that were plain blue but Mike and Jacob spied a pair of Toopie and Binoo boots and my gosh is Jacob a fan of Toopie and Binoo…unless you are Canadian you probably don’t know who they are but it’s a french cartoon here in Canada that is also translated into english and Jacob loves them.  So we let him try on the boots and he was in love…it was at that moment that I noticed they were also lighting up with red blinky lights….Ahhhh!  Rule #2…no shoes with blinky lights!!  I could tell by his face that Jacob was in love witht he boots so much so needless to say they came home with us for the winter.

3 thoughts on “Breaking my Own Rules…

  1. My policy on branded clothing is that it has to be subtle, which of course for kid’s clothing is never the case.

    I look forward to seeing the boots.

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