Chosing Paint Colors….

We’ve spent a lot of time trying to pick out paint colors for our new place because we wanted to put some honest effort towards selecting colors that we feel really work and mesh with our furniture. For Jacob’s room we chose to blue shades by Ralph Lauren paint called Cloud Blue and True Blue which I think the two will compliment each other perfectly! With those two colors we’re going to add a white chair rail and I think it will look darling! In our living room we’ve decided to go with a color by CIL Paint called Mushroom Cap which is sort of a cross between a linen color and a taupe…it might come out too dark but I’m hoping it will look good with our dark accents in the new curtains and our chocolate brown lamp shades, we also have dark picture frames! We haven’t decided if we are going to paint the kitchen, bathrooms or our bedroom yet but I’m really hoping that we decide to paint them because I just love a splash of color and I’ve had pretty drab walls in our current place. I’ve been perusing colors for our baby girl’s room and it looks like we’re going to use a tinkerbell green color and a soft pink shade but I’m not revealing our design pattern yet! I have to make sure it all works out first!

2 thoughts on “Chosing Paint Colors….

  1. We’ve been in our new place for a year now and we still haven’t painted every room we wanted to (which is well.. every room in the house lol) It doesn’t help though that just about every surface had wallpaper to be removed.

    Your mushroom cap colour sounds great! I am very partials to brown and taupes and linens and beige.. people think they are boring, but they are not! And they are so much easier to match to furniture and stuff!

    Your girl’s room sounds beautiful! I can’t wait to see pictures of it! We were originally going with colours very similar to what you described… but since we had already bought green accents for the room I was too worried about matching them to the paint, so we decided to go with just pink!

    How excited are you about moving to the new place? 🙂 I love the excitement of moving somewhere new (though I must admit I hate the actual process of moving! lol)

  2. If you are interested, I can show you the colors I used in Miabella’s room. They pretty much sound like the ones you are thinking of. Her bedding is pink/green/beige.

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