Evil Stealing People

Yesterday I went out for lunch with a friend and tried to swipe my bank card to pay for it but it came back account suspended…I was of course confused, then embarasssed, then angry. I didn’t get a chance to call yesterday and went online to pay some of our bills this morning and it wouldn’t allow me to pay them so then I got TICKED….I called up the number and spoke with customer service….

Would you believe that they suspended my account because they were contacted by the police with my bank card and pin number alerting them that at some point when I paid for something my card was swiped through a skimming device and my personal information recorded. I couldn’t believe it. At some location or store I had been to someone was stealing people’s bank cards and pin information….our bank account could have been completely drained but thankfully they must have caught the people and alerted my bank who then froze my account. I tried to ask them if they knew which location this happened at because I was vowing to never go back to that store again…LOL…but she said they dont’ have that information that the police only forward the card numbers and pins so that they can take action to protect their customers.

I guess I can’t be so angry about my frozen card and lack of funds for lunch yesterday…..I can’t imagine what would have happened if our account had been drained.

2 thoughts on “Evil Stealing People

  1. I do not understand people who do stuff like that. I’m glad it was caught before you were seriously affected, but it sure would have been nice if you were notified! Things like that make me glad we switched to all cash, but then cash can be stolen. Urgh.

  2. Ugh! That makes me angry just reading about it. Thank goodness it was caught and you are not drained, but still. Grrr.

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