Got Em!

We got the keys to our new place today and we’re pretty excited!  After dinner out at the local diner we went over with Mom and Danny to take another look and mark off Jacob’s bedroom for painting.  Jacob was so excited about his new room that he was crawling around and rolling on his floor at first and it was so awesome to see him happy about the change…we’ll see how he adjusts when we move.  I have to admit I HATE the stairs and the horrible feeling they leave in the pit of my stomach…they are steep and have a twist to them that is very difficult for Jacob to get up and I worry about him.  I am also worried about getting up and down those steep stairs as my pregnancy progresses and getting up and down with a newborn!  I guess I’ll have to break out the sling!  Tomorrow my aunt is coming in from Woodstock and Mom and Aunt Carol will work on painting Jacob’s room while Mike and Danny work on our painting our living room/dining room.  I’m going to do laundry for most of the day and play/entertain Jacob while the painting gets done.  Once those two rooms are painted we’re going to focus on getting the baby’s room done.  From our brief stay tonight there are a few things I am certain we need to find soon and hopefully for a decent price:

Medicine Cabinet for the Main Bathroom

New Doorbell with two receivers so we can hear it upstairs

Chain Locks for the back and front doors

New Light Fixture for the Living room

A Rug for the Back Entryway

Baby Gates for the Stairs – ESPECIALLY the top of the stairs.

A Towel Bar for Each Bathroom

That’s just a very basic list….i know there is a lot more that will come together over time!

3 thoughts on “Got Em!

  1. Hey there mama! Figaro here and I was also scared for Kimberly (almost 3 yo) when we moved to the rental house before we bought this one, it had stairs and she had never lived with them before. She was maybe around 2 when we moved to the house. We had her go down the stairs on her butt all the time and she still does sometimes even now. She learned it real fast too!

  2. Yay! Stairs scare me, too, but Ani and Fritz (the two we had learning to crawl/walk in a place with stairs) have done fine. Fritz has been going up and down the stairs here like a normal person most of the time (facing forward) since he was about 11 months old (he walked at 9 months).

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