He Did It!!

I stayed home resting on the couch today while Mike and Papa took Jacob to skating lessons.  We fully anticipated that we’d have much of what we’ve seen over the past couple of weeks which was a non-participating Jacob….when I called Mike after the class he told me that Jacob started off crying his eyes out because he didn’t want to put the helmet on but then the lady teacher came over and started talking to him.  Apparently, she asked Jacob if he wanted to color on the ice with a special marker and Jacob got really excited and of course he said YES!  She told him that in order to do that he had to put his helmet on and he was all too eager to put it on and go on the ice with her!  What a smart idea!  He colored some on the ice and then did some skating and even stood on the ice all by himself!  Aww I wish I was there to see him but Mama needs to rest and recooperate!  I’m so proud of him and grateful for the teacher….Jacob does seem to have an attachment to female teachers (he’s the same way with female swim instructors) which makes me think he is a real ladies man!  Ha!

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