I am not American…but I am a part of North America and from the moment Mike came home from work he had us tune into the American election so that he could watch the new President of the United States of America unfold.  I have to say I was really bored at first but I feel very priviledged to have watched history being made.  I listened to Obama’s victory speech and was brought to tears about what it represented.  This win is one for the American people as a whole….this is what America should and is now about.  The American dream is that anybody can become anything with effort and hard work and I was brought to tears as I watched Barack Obama accept the challenge of becoming the first african american President of the United States of America.  History.

I am so sad that Obama’s grandmother passed away just a few days prior to him becoming the next president elect….I wish that she could have seen him standing up there, an african american man, a strong man, accepting the call to be the next President….the grandson she worked so hard to raise in a manner that was good and right….I wish she could have seen him.  It is historic and while many do not agree with his politics I hope that all agree with the importance and signficance of this win. It is a great and marvelous history……truly.

4 thoughts on “History…

  1. Correction: The first sorta black president. That grandma who raised him was awfully white (as is his mom…) lol Regardless, it’s terribly sad that she didn’t live just one or two more days.

  2. I know he’s half black, but he’s still african american and identifies as that. I know the grandmother who raised him was white but it wouldn’t make her any less proud of his accomplishment….imagine how proud she would be to see him as the first african american president ever! White people can be proud too…I am.

  3. You misunderstood me. He’s actually one of the few truly African American people as his father was actually African and his mother was American. I just think it’s odd that the media pushes that he is black when he is actually half black and in my opinion electing a mixed race man is WAY cooler than electing a full black man. It is not that long ago that mixed race people were considered the lowest of the low and mixed race relationship were actually illegal. To me, that shows we have come a long, long way. I had a friend who was the child of a black woman and a white man when I was a kid. Her parents were awesome (and both gorgeous!), but she was often called really nasty names. My eyes were opened to how a mixed race family can be treated, by both black people AND white people. And that was in the early 90s! To have a black and white mixed man elected president is amazing to me and very wonderful.

  4. Ohhhhhhhh I get it now Heather! LOL…..I thought you were saying he didn’t have any African American in him. LOLLLL……I was sleepy yesterday!

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