I Love Carters!

I think Carter’s is always having some sort of sale or else I’m just really fortunate that whenever we seem to go there we hit a big sale!  When we went to Carter’s this time they were having a huge sale where everything was 50% off and many items were 60-70% off!  I had been in total slacker mom mode and had not really purchased much in the clothing department for our baby that is coming in the next 11 weeks so I was relieved to get some awesome deals!  Overall it was a nice relaxing day with my mom whom I don’t get to hang out with one on one very often and it totally helped bring my stress level down by about 10 notches.  I think the best part of the day was getting to eat dinner at the Olive Garden where I enjoyed the taste of garlic bread sticks, caesar salad, and their newiest dish on the menu…chicken Carbonara!  I had lots of left overs to share with Mike when I got home and I think he was very happy.  When I got home it was obvious I needed to rest after exerting myself a bit too much…Mike gave me a foot massage and then I fell fast asleep quite early for me. It definitely was the first time in over a week where I had spent so much time on my feet…now I’ll take it easy a bit over the next week so that I’m able to help out with the upcoming move!

Here’s the best news of the day!  I was able to find some baby girl items that were not pink!  Of course I did get a little pink but I got some aqua, red, and……purple!  We got a mix variety of sizes from newborn to six months and not too much since I am trying to go for the less is more approach with this baby!  The only thing I wish we could have gotten were a few more sleepers but I had already spent a signficant amount of money!  I think my mom might have picked up a few though!  I did get two or three of the fleece Carter’s sleep sacks (one sleeveless and two with sleeves if I am recalling correctly).

With just 11 weeks left to go until baby #2 joins our family I’m feeling like I can’t even begin planning for her arrival until we snug and cozy in our new place….we get the keys at the end of this week and will be painting (well my family is painting…thank you all so much) over the course of the next two weeks!

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