I LOVE Consigning!

I’ve never ventured into the world of consigning before….well I shouldn’t say ever! There were a few times I did try to sell some clothes on one of the clothing boards I belong too but the buyers were all American and the shipping from Canada to the U.S.A was a killer so I wasn’t really making any money! As Jacob out grew his clothes I saved them in bins in case I had another little boy next but now that we have learned that we are having a baby girl we have decided to part with his old stuff! I wanted to get a taste of what it was like to consign so on a spur of the moment whim my mother and I packed up two bins of Jacob’s winter clothes from last year and headed off to a consignment shop with Jacob in tow. The ladies worked through the bins taking a lot of stuff for themselves, giving back summer stuff that had somehow gotten thrown in, and rejecting the very few items that had stains…..I was shocked when they handed over $145.00 in cash! YES! I have another 6-8 bins left to go through from Jacob’s very first days of life up until now so I’m hoping to get another $300.00! I think consignment selling might just be my new favorite thing! Oh…and the other great thing? When we were in the consignment shop mom found a nearly new pair of Osh Kosh snow pants in size 2T that matched his winter coat perfectly and they were only $12.00! Needless to say, those definitely came home with us and now I can consign his size 18-24 months pair from last year!

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