Is The End In Sight?

I am so tired of boxes. I’m afraid if one more box enters our new place that I might find myself hurled over the toilet praying to the porcelin god. I want this move to be over with because it feels like the never ending saga but I am praying that the end is in sight….I am sure the people that have all been helping us feel the same way. The majority of stuff from our old place is moved over and we have a few loads to do tomorrow which shouldn’t take too long…after that there is a bit of work to be done around the old place and then we’re free from our small 2 bedroom abode for good. EVERY one that has been helping us have been our saving grace this week…my mom, danny, and victoria especially….THANK YOU!

I think next weekend I want to put all the moving stress aside and have a good family weekend with Mike and Jacob…we’ve got our ticket to the Santa Claus Experience for Saturday afternoon which happens to also be after our local (small) Santa Claus Parade so I think we can make that a fun day. I was thinking maybe on Sunday we’d go to church and then bake some cookies before decorating the house for Christmas….I haven’t decided yet but I just want to relax and not stress…even though we still have to do the baby’s room, I think everyone deserves a relaxing break! I really think people have just worked so hard and I am really grateful for everyone’s help and assistance…again THANK YOU!

Let’s all cross our fingers that the end is in sight!

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