Just a Go With the Flow Kind of Kid…

So much is changing in Jacob’s world right now and I feared that he would not be able to handle so much change in such a short period of time…but as always Jacob is proving to be just a “go with the flow” type of child. We’ve tried to involve him in the moving process as much as possible and even took him with us when we viewed the new place and every time that we needed to “stop by” to do something related to the move. I secretly hoped that he might get excited about the prospect of a new and bigger place to live where there was plenty of room and it turns out I got my wish. We are at least 1-2 weeks away from having everything here unpacked and settled but Jacob has adapted to his new surroundings with ease and excitement! I couldn’t have asked for a better transition.

Another large change for Jacob since the move has been the absence of his crib (which was being used in toddler bed format) and the arrival of his brand new bedroom furniture. I thought perhaps we might find some anxious reservations from him about taking his bed away and giving him a new bed but instead he was again very excited and content about the whole situation. At night time for the past few nights I’ve peered in on him in his giant new big boy bed and I get a tad bit sentimental about the whole situation….Suddenly it’s as if he is teeny tiny again like the first day we brought him home, laid him down in the crib and Mike and I reflected to each other about how the crib seemed so large for such a tiny infant…..now the twin bed seems so large for such a tiny toddler. I want to remember these moments in life, when everything about him seemed so small and perfect. I want to remember how wonderful and smart he is and how much sunshine and breath he exhales into my life. I want to always remember how care free and vibrant he is…how easy it is for him to adjust to the changes we’re throwing at him all too fast….I want to remember because I know there will come days and times when I will be tempted to easily forget…I want to remember so that when I tell his little sister stories about him when he was “her age” that I will only include the stories that brought joy to my life.

A lot more transition is happening around this house in the next little while with the never ending quest for Jacob to get accustomed to the potty, the hope that one day he’ll withdraw himself from his pacifier and the knowledge that just around the corner lurks the coming of another life for our family which is perhaps the biggest transition of them all. I pray his gentle spirit and easy going nature continues with him over the next few months and I pray that I can be all that he needs to get through whatever difficulty he might experience as a result.

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  1. That’s great! Having a laid back kid is definitely a HUGE blessing (having had both that type and the not so laid back type lol).

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