Not Feeling So Hot…

I’m not sure if I didn’t eat enough today or if I’m just tired from not sleeping at night and hot having naps during the day but I feel like I haven’t got a drop of energy. I started getting a headache mid-afternoon that didn’t go away but only got worse as the day continued. After a trip to Ikea to pick up Jacob’s bed I could tell that I was not going to be in for a good night….I just felt myself dragging. The headache continued and by 8pm I couldn’t take it anymore, I tried to lay down but I just couldn’t get comfortable…..I thought that if I just laid down and closed my eyes for a few minutes that eventually the headache would go away…not a chance. When I got up from laying on the floor I felt dizzy and my eyesight was a bit blurry so I decided to come home from our new place and try to get some sleep but of course as with every single night for the past month I couldn’t sleep. I just can’t and I really don’t think that anybody in my life except for Miike really gets that…I think everybody else probably just thinks “yeah right”. I’m sitting here now with the lights off and an ice pack on my head hoping that will remedy the situation….of course the biggest concern is my blood pressure but it’s not the most horrific headache I’ve ever had so I know there is no need to go running off to the hospital….I just hope that its not a sign that my blood pressure is creeping up!

In other news the old place is slowly starting to empty out and I feel good about it…so does Mike. Our storage room is pretty much empty! YAY and tomorrow we’re going to focus on getting the living room DONE and ready to go as well as our bedroom! There isn’t a ton of things to do and I’m pretty sure that by the time Mike gets home tomorrow he’ll be able to cart over some more boxes and we’ll probably have our living room, kitchen, bathroom, front hall closet, and bathroom pretty much empty. We’ve been working hard over the past couple of weeks and I feel really proud of all the stuff we’ve done….I know sometimes I feel overwhelmed and talk about still having a lot to do but I truthfully dont’ think we’re in bad shape. I bet we’ll be almost entirely moved out of here by Thursday night…then we’ll have Friday, Saturday AND Sunday to get this place cleaned up and ready for the keys to be passed on over!

We’ve had a lot of help from my Mom and Danny and Victoria and we’re definitely grateful for that…luckily enough for us we’re both fortunate to have people in our lives that help out, each in their own way. I think what’s been hardest for Mike and I is not having the time over the past week to just sit down and be together without having other people around…..I look forward to that after the move. For now we’re just really thankful to everyone that has offered and worked hard to help us out!

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