Paint! Blah.

Thanks to all the extra hands who helped us work on the paint situation at our new place!  It seems that as this week continues to unfold it is just one thing after the next in terms of unpredictability.  The light blue color for the top half of Jacob’s room was being sucked in by the walls and as a result needed two coats of paint so the darker blue color couldn’t be started today….then the color that Mike and I picked out for the living room turned out WAY darker then it looked in Home Depot so it’s definitely going to take some clever lighting to help me get use to it.  The living room is about half done with the first coat and will also need a second coat tomorrow so it seems that another day of painting is in store for everyone tomorrow, kinda sucks and is not where I wanted to be at the end of today but I can’t complain because everyone worked very hard and was super helpful – stupid paint just didn’t do its part!  I’m hoping that by tomorrow afternoon we’ll be heading to Ikea to pick up the chair rail that Danny is going to put up in Jacob’s room and then we can be off to Costco to pick up Jacob’s mattress before one last stop to purchase his big boy bed.  Mike has Monday off from work so I’m hoping we can spend that day carting stuff back and forth and start emptying out this old place….it’s going to need a lot of work before we can hand over the keys!

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