Spelling Power!

Jacob has a really keen interest in letters, phonics, and spelling thanks to a show called Super Why! I’m not sure how we found this show but I’m sure we just stumbled upon it one day and since then he’s been hooked on it and his alphabet skills have definitely grown by leaps and bounds. He’s been able to to spell his name for months now but recently he’s learned to spell the word baby, papa, and nana as well and he’s very interested in learning how to spell other words. It amazes me the ability this child has to sound out words and he’s very capable of recognizing the sounds that can be made by a lot of the letters in the alphabet. I’m sure there are people who think we probably push him to learn this stuff but I promise you it’s his interest and while it impresses us greatly, our agenda is to just let him be a kid that learns and develops as he experiences life – this just happens to be something he’s picked up on all by himself. What’s most important to us is that Jacob has a good exposure on three fronts…..education, physical activity, and socialization. I love this kid so much….I hope that through everything we say and do for him he is able to see that….most importantly I hope he continues to see that when the new baby arrives. I just feel so in love with him, who he is and he’s just such a super important part of our lives.

One thought on “Spelling Power!

  1. I’m not surprised. Kids learn SO much from playing and just being kids. In fact I think they learn MORE from just playing than they do from focused trying to teach them!

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