What a day!!!

What a day I had yesterday!

I planned out a day with Jacob yesterday that involved lunch out and a park trip in between going to the Shopping Mall to stand in line for The Santa Experience registration. At our local mall we have this thing called the Santa Experience where kids come in for a more intimate visit with Santa in groups of about 20 kids they will sing songs with Santa, march around the mall with Santa, read stories, etc. Well, it fills up REALLY fast because space is limited and last year we didn’t get to go at the ideal time we wanted so when I looked online and saw that registration was yesterday I hurried to get Jacob dressed and off we went. When we got there it was 930am and the registration opened at 10am….there was a already a huge line up. We got in the line and Jacob did pretty well at first but then he started to get bored and wanted to run around and play…my mistake was not bringing the stroller so I suddenly became very pre-occupied with keeping him nearby which was so difficult with a toddler but it didn’t go too horribly. At about 1030am (an hour after waiting in the line-up) things started to change drastically….Jacob started to get upset that he couldn’t run and play and was yanking on my arm to let go of him (all while crying and basically begging him to let him go play)…all of a sudden I realized I was really HOT, I was sweating so badly that the front part of my hair was soaking wet, I told Jacob that mommy wasn’t feeling well and asked him to please sit down on the floor and not move….wellI guess he realized I really wasn’t feeling well because he sat right down an didn’t move a muscle. Within seconds I could feel everything around me closing in on me, the mall was spinning, stars were in my eyes, I was still sweating….I leaned up against a giant pillar they had and suddenly I couldn’t hear anything, I couldn’t see anything and then everythign just went black, I leaned my back against the pillar and slid down to sitting on the floor. Before I knew it three of the mom’s from the line were around me helping me to get to a bench, I told them how far along I was pregnant…and one of the mom’s ran off to a nearby store and returned with an apple juice…I kept asking about Jacob, and they said he was fine, one of them was watching him…that they were all mom’s and he was ok. I started to drink the apple juice and within minutes after sitting down and drinking I felt nearly 100% better aside from a lingering headache.

The ladies were begging me to let them call 911, mall security was over and asking all kinds of questions and I assured them that I would just have someone come pick us up and we’d go over to urgent care. I called Mike (and he didn’t answer his phone….GRRR) and I called my mom and she didn’t answer hers…so I finally got them both hauled out of work meetings to try and arrange for someone to come get me….in the end my mom’s husband came and picked us both up then took me off to urgent care. Mom’s hubby hung around a bit until Mike could be on his way then he took Jacob off to Mike’s mom so he could eat and sleep. The nurses and doctors did my blood pressure and it was 140/73…the higher number on top obviously indicitive of the stress I had endured and humiliation no doubt (I mean who wants to pass out in a mall in front of hundreds of people waiting in line for Santa registration). So, it wasn’t a blood pressure problem….next they did an ECG and my heart looked good and normal….afterwards they tested my blood sugar and it was 5.6 (this is a canadian number I’m sure) about 45 minutes after 500ml of apple juice so the doctor thought I had a hypoglycemic episode…I asked if that mean’t that I had Gestational Diabetes and he said No, it probably meant’ that I didn’t or my number would have been not normal after drinking the juice…i.e too high but 5.6 is normal…he said I probably needed to eat so my blood sugar was low and the apple juice brought it back to normal….I had only eaten a banana and a bowl of corn flakes at about 7 am so that was probably the case…..

Then he sent in another doctor to talk to me who explained that when women enter their final trimester they also get surges of a chemical called Relaxin in their body that helps their body prepare for child birth and that Relaxin can cause you to faint or pass out if you are standing for too long….he said combined with the need for food I was probably standing in that line for way too long and my body just couldn’t handle it. I had never heard that before but I had definitely been standing in that line and not moving much for over an hour..so I really beleive what he said. They wanted to observe me a bit more so they sent off for a blood panel to be done and then did a doppler search for the heartbeat which they found at around 155 bpm. After many hours the blood work came back and said that my iron was also low…another reason that probably combined with the other two reasons that my body just said to heck with ya and gave in…causing me to faint….after treatment/observation in the hospital I got to go home!¬† I have to follow up with my doctor on Monday and take it easy this weekend….

The sweetest part of the whole situation and I don’t remember the ladies who helped me asking me for our last name or our phone number but…..when I got to the hospital I found a ticket for Jacob to the Santa Experience in my bag with his name on it and a registration date on a Saturday just like we wanted. I guess she signed him up while I was resting on the bench and talking to security and even paid the registration fee (5$ for charity)…..when I got home very late last night there was a message on our answering machine and she had called to check up on me to make sure I was ok. Seriously….what a nice lady….I hope I see her at the Santa Experience so I can thank her….I’ll definitely give her a call on Sunday when I’m feeling better to say thank you since she did leave her phone number!

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