What’s Going to Work?…Teamwork!

The past few days there’s been a familial effort in our attempts to work on the baby’s nursery before she arrives!  Unfortunately due to crappy lighting and lack of sunlight into the bedroom we haven’t been able to snatch any decent pictures but I think its coming along beautifully!  First Danny came in and drew the line we needed at 40 inches to seperate the room so that each of the colors could be painted!  Mike spent an hour the next day taping all the walls and edges so that Mom could come in and paint on Monday!  Over the course of Monday and Tuesday Mom came and put two coats of each color (green and pink) on the wall and last night Mike spent hours working on building our new change table!

Here’s a picture of the walls in progress….the green is much more vivid in real life but the lighting in the room makes it hard to get a good picture of it.


We’ve decided to go with primarily white furniture in the baby’s room (except Jacob’s old crib which will be the maple color…..we figure we’ll eventually get her a white bed frame)….Here’s a shot of the change table and dresser combo that mike worked so hard to put together!


We have this TROFAST storage system from Ikea that we had in Jacob’s room but decided to pull out for baby girl’s room and we’ve changed the blue bins to pink, green, and white ones…so we’ll use that for her toy storage!

Lastly I think I’ve found the book case that I want to add into her room to put some trinkets, baskets for storage, and of course her books since we are book lovers!

Tonight Mike is going to paint the chair rail that we purchased white and then tomorrow Mike and Danny are going to come over and put it all up and once that’s done we can start building furniture and finding homes for everything in her room!

As a reminder here is the bedding we picked out for her….

We’ve got a cute lamp, decorative pillow, wall hanging, and white picture frames to go with the room also and some pink curtains with green gingham trim! I think everything is going to look super wonderful when it’s all done!

Thanks to everyone for their hard work!

35 Weeks Pregnant!

At the end of this the 35th week of my pregnancy I will be more pregnant that I have ever been! I am just a 4 days shy of the time my induction with Jacob began due to an amniotic fluid complication. So far it seems we are not having those same complications in this pregnancy but we’ll definitely know more about that after my biophysical profile ultrasound tomorrow morning. It’s so hard to imagine that at most I’ll only be pregnant for another 3 weeks and 1 day and at times I feel like I might miss being pregnant….there’s just something that is so awesome about it and at the same time I look forward to feeling less pressure in the hip/groin area.

From here on out I am hoping for smooth sailing (much like how the previous weeks have been) because I just can’t handle a complicated delivery like I had with Jacob…I already have enough anxiety related to not making it through the delivery for some reason and I’m trying really hard just to focus on a positive outcome for everyone. Tomorrow after my ultrasound I’ll see the doctor (someone who is sitting in for my OB while he is on vacation) and I hope that all is well with my blood pressure and urine….so far we’ve had easy-peasy appointments so I’m hoping that this trend continues with tomorrow’s appointment! I’m pretty sure that after tomorrow’s appointment I’ll be seeing my doctor every week until delivery….I do have bio-physical profile ultrasounds scheduled for every week leading up to the 20th of January.

Today was a pretty productive day as my mom came over and put the first coats of paint on the baby’s room and after she put the second coat of green on tomorrow we’ll just need to install the white chair rail and then Mike can get to putting the furniture together and we can set things up just the way they are supposed to be. Despite feeling totally exhausted and crusty today I was able to go through all of Jacob’s clothing today and set them into piles of things to be donated, things to be sold, things to give away, and things to keep for this baby…..sadly a few items needed to meet the trash can but not too many! I have 4 bins of spring/summer clothing to take to the consignment shop whenever they start accepting clothes for the spring and summer months! I’m stoked.

Like the previous weeks of pregnancy I don’t really have much to add and will probably have a more complete update tomorrow since my appointments have now been moved from Monday’s to Tuesday’s so look for an update in the near future!


I’ve often heard people refer to themselves as “nesting” at the end of their pregnancies but I didn’t experience this with Jacob perhaps because I went early. For the past few days Mike has commented several times that he thinks I’m “nesting” unknowingly because I’ve been making lists and we’ve been slowly starting to get things done around the house. I was always the type of person to leave my tree up until after the New Year but today I was adamant that it all needed to come down and be put away today….and it did! If you looked around my house right now the only sign that Christmas came and went is our brand new TV and other new items we were so generously given as gifts!

This afternoon I went out with my mom to Home Depot and we picked out some beautiful paint colors for the baby’s room ( a soft pink and sort of sage green, which we’ll accent with a white chair rail) and then we were off to Ikea where I picked up some nice matted white picture frames for her room and a new curtain rod (also in white) so we can hang the curtains that mom picked up for me! Tomorrow I plan on doing some more vacuuming, dusting and laundry while Mom works on painting the baby’s room and Mike organizes one of our storage rooms to fit the Christmas decorations! Once the room is painted we’ll hang the curtains, build the dresser/change table combo and take a look at the crib to see if its fixable! I’ve got a few other things for the room like the white toy bin that Jacob had in his room before, some wall art that my mom picked up at Home Sense, and obviously the white picture frames that I bought today. Eventually she’ll have a little white book shelf (just need to find the right one) and some letters that spell out her name just like Jacob did…of course we still need to decide on a name! I want to get a second curtain rod/shelf put in her closet…you know one of those wire ones? Then I will add some nice pink or green lined baskets to sit on top of it and hang some of her clothes on the bottom rack…I also want a hanging pocket organizer in pink from babies r us like I had for Jacob so that I can put some of her extra’s in there!

At some point this week I am also going to go through all of my scrapbook supplies and get organized so that I can actually finish Jacob’s book from his first year….I have totally put that on the back burner and its something that is really important to me so I’ve got to get motivated to get that done! I also plan to sit down and go through all the bins of Jacob’s old clothing and put aside the things that I want to keep for baby girl, the things I want to sell, and the things I want to give away….that sort of needs to be a priority!

Once all of the above is done I am also on the hunt for two 16×20 or larger black and white pictures for our living room wall of some sort of Parisian scene! I haven’t decided exactly what I want them to look like but one of my most memorable trips in my lifetime was my time in Paris so I’d like to have some wall art to remember those days. I am so excited about getting our new couch delivered in a few weeks so that I can organize the living room to the exact way that I always imagined it would be when we moved here! Gosh….maybe I am nesting! I have so much to do and I’m not stressed about it at all….I just have a strong urge to get it done!

Nap Neglector!

Since I’ve been off work I have been trying to make sure I get in an afternoon nap whenever Jacob is asleep so that I can rest and be ready when its time for the baby to come home but over the past week and a half I just haven’t been able to find the time to squeeze a nap in! We’ve been so busy with other household and holiday obligations that it’s just been impossible to go lay down in the afternoon and today I’m definitely able to tell that I’m feeling run down as a result. The good news is that Mike is home for the week and I should be able to squeeze a nap in at some point this week. We definitely have a lot to do over the course of the next week and I am definitely feeling that nesting urge that everyone talks about at the end of the third trimester of pregnancy! I just want everything done and perfect before the baby comes so that I don’t have any stress or worry! Tomorrow Mike is going to tape off the baby’s ceiling and baseboards so that the room is prepared for my mom who is coming on Monday to paint! I think on Monday morning the two of us are going to go to Home Depot to pick up the two gallons of paint that we need to get the room done! Once the room is painted I think Danny will come over to do the chair rail with Mike again and then we can start setting the room up in preparation for baby’s arrival no latter then the 20th! On Tuesday I’ve got my 35 weeks appointment with the doctor and then after that I have no other obligations! I am definitely going to work hard this week to try and squeeze that nap in!

Presents for Mommy & Daddy!

Thanks to some generous family members we were able to get two special items for ourselves for Christmas via the famous Canadian Boxing Day Sales! Our TV was losing its life so we upgraded to a new Sony Bravia 40 inch LCD HDTV….needless to say Mike was a very happy man…I mean what guy wouldn’t be beaming from ear to ear when they get a TV AND a BBQ for Christmas?! I am just thrilled because we got to order our new Couch for Christmas and it gets delivered on the 17th of January! I can’t wait to set it up just perfectly in our new living room! It is the perfect shade for our room and I think its going to look fabulous and now we can get rid of the couch that I hate! YES!

Merry Christmas!

We had a fabulous Christmas day that was filled with relaxation and family time! Jacob had a blast opening presents this year and definitely LOVED his train set from Mommy, Daddy, Nana & Papa! It was such a nice quiet day (aside from the roar of the PlayStation 3 that Daddy and Papa were playing) and we totally got spoiled by everyone! Mom and Danny shocked the heck out of me by getting me a 16G Ipod touch and Mike got a brand new BBQ! I can’t wait to do some grilling this summer!

Jacob was just so happy all day and loved playing at Nana and Papa’s house with his Wonder Pets Fly Boat and his Hot Wheels Race Track! I hope that everyone had a fabulous Christmas Day! Here are some pics of our little man enjoying the day!





Twas the night before Christmas….

We’ve had a pretty busy day overall so there is not much time left to write today, however I wanted to give a little update about what was going here for us. We had a great night tonight at my Dad’s house where Jacob was treated to several really awesome presents including a new sled, the wonder pets trio, a remote control fire truck, three puzzles, and playdoh! I was really happy about the gifts I got for my dad but I could tell right away that he wasn’t that fond of the dishes we picked out so I offered to return them and get a different set and he took us up on the effort…I feel so bummed because I try so hard to get people the right presents and it irks me when I screw up…All in all we had a great dinner and spent good time with Grandpa before coming home and opening up our new jammies and leaving milk and cookies for Santa Claus!







Merry Christmas to each and everyone of our friends and family members!

Love Jacob, Michael and Melissa

White Christmas

It looks like we are definitely in for a very white Christmas which is a nice change from the past few years. I can’t remember the last time we had a city full of the cold white stuff on Christmas morning and I think its just perfect. Last weekend while Mike and I attempted to finish our Christmas shopping our city had A LOT of snow dumped on it’s naked ground over the course of a 48 hour period. There was a huge storm last Friday which was followed just a day later by another snow storm and at that point we were almost certain that we’d end up with a white Christmas but just in case we ever doubted it we welcomed a third snow storm tonight.

It’s the night before the eve of Christmas and Mike and I ventured out (without Jacob) to fetch a few stocking stuffer’s that were needed and some odds and ends that we needed around the house. It seems every time we go out and about lately we are greeted by a frigid, windy, snow storm! So it was another evening of cautious driving around the City to get to Walmart only to be disappointed. I am not sure what I was expecting just a day before Christmas but I didn’t expect that Walmart’s shelves would be near empty! We couldn’t even get the brand of deodorant or shampoo that we were looking for! Everything was gone! After about 30 minutes in the store we decided we’d just leave and go to Zellers hoping to find the things we were unable to locate at Walmart but again we were not greeted with much selection! In the end we were able to get a few odds and ends for the stockings and I guess that will have to do because there is no more time left and I promised myself I wasn’t getting stressed out about Christmas this year! Mission accomplished.

When we were done shopping we drove back to mom’s house to pick up Jacob and by the time I got there i just wanted to crash on her couch for a nap! I was so tired from walking around the store’s packed full of people an the pressure on my pelvis was really getting to me! We didn’t stay long though and when I got home I wanted to relax in bed but here I am blogging because I have yet another bout of insomnia! Geeze! Could I just have one decent nights sleep? I guess asking for a good nights sleep AND a White Christmas was too much! I’ll settle on the White Christmas though…it’s worth it.

34 Weeks Pregnant….

29 days to go until the c-section date and I’m not stressing about it too much. There is still a lot to do in the baby preparation department but I feel like since this is our second child it’s all a “been there done that” type of feeling and we’ve got nothing to worry about. I can definitely feel changes happening in my body lately for example I’m certain I’ve gained about 5 pounds in the past week because of all the Christmas indulging we’ve done so I’m focused on trying not to eat too much crap in the next few days aside from a few sweets on Christmas day from my stocking. My pelvis and hips are suddenly getting difficult to carry around and I’m still feeling a lack of energy…..nothing is too painful or comfortable and nothing is worth complaining about in my opinion. Mike has been great with helping me relax at night and will usually give my feet and legs a little massage to help them feel a little less heavy. I think the major difference is going to be on Christmas morning when I would usually sit down on the floor with Jacob to open presents…I worry if I get down there on the floor, there will be no getting up!! Ha!

I don’t have a doctors appointment until next Tuesday so I’ve got nothing to report on that front but I am nervous about my ultrasound appointment before my doctor’s visit next week. At 9 am its going to be my first bio-physical ultrasound of this pregnancy….those dreaded ultrasounds that pointed out all the problems at the end of my pregnancy last time. I am not nervous about them because something tells me we are not having a fluid problem this time around….maybe its the size of my stomach. I am eager to get focused on eating and living more healthy when the baby arrives because I just realized that I need to get my butt in gear so I can be around to take care of these two blessings in my life. I’m eager to hear that everything is progressing well in the pregnancy and we can push forward towards our delivery date without worry or complication. Pray for us!

I think once Christmas is done we’ll finally get around to pulling stuff our for the baby and getting the house ready. I need to have all the Christmas decorations and the tree down before we can begin to assemble the swing and set it up in the living room. Perhaps Mike can build the bassinet and bouncy chair in the few days after Christmas and together we’ll go out and pick up the paint we need to get her bedroom done. I’m not too worried about her bedroom not being done before she’s born because its not like she’s going to be sleeping in there for a while anyways…I’d really like to get her dresser together though so I have a place to put some of the stuff we’ve gotten for her! I’m not thinking we’ll get very much for her over the course of the next little while….someone mentioned that they think we might get some gift for her at Christmas time but I seriously doubt that! My mom is throwing a tiny get together for me in January but of course I’m not supposed to know the date….it’s not too hard to make a good guess though! Ha! In my opinion it can only be one of two days so we’ll see if my instinct is right! I’m just excited to see a few of my good friends…even my closest friend Lisa and I haven’t been able to find the time to get together! How strange is that?!

Anyways, as always no news is good news on the pregnancy front for us! 34 weeks pregnant..4 more weeks to go until c-section! Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers over the next 4 weeks for a safe delivery and a speedy recovery!

Our First Day of Christmas

Yesterday was our first Christmas get together of the year and I think it went off without a hitch. Mike and I hosted the annual Johnson Christmas dinner and I’ve got to admit that in the morning I had thoughts of “what was I thinking being 34 weeks pregnant and hosting a big dinner” but….it actually went really smooth and everything was fantastic; I have no regrets!

The day started out on the right foot because for the first time in months Mike and I actually slept in until nearly 10 a.m. When we got up we both got straight to work on preparations for the day with me beginning the work on the food and Mike helping out around the house! By 12:30 the turkey was stuffed and in the oven and most of the food was ready to go. Jacob came home from Nana and Papa’s around this time but went straight down for a nap and slept until 4 p.m. which gave Mike and I plenty of time to get furniture moved around and the living room cleaned and ready to go for the party that night! When everyone arrived at 430 the house was sparkling, Christmas music was playing, and the food smelled so good! We all socialized and caught up with each others lives before sitting down to dinner around 545 p.m. If I could brag a bit about dinner, I think I’d say that my stuffing, gravy and turkey turned out TOTALLY AWESOME this year…..even Mike commented that it was my best turkey ever! We got a pretty big turkey so we have plenty of leftovers for sandwiches or making a soup!

Jacob was pretty excited leading up to the “big party at his house” and his excitement didn’t stop just there! When his nan gave him a treat bag he was just over the moon about it and he was even more excited to see his cousin Dianna! After dinner we all relaxed for a bit an then the children opened presents! Jacob just loved the idea of opening presents and really got into it this year…it was so exciting to see! All of the excitement got me so excited about our own Christmas and watching Jacob open some of the presents we picked out for him! Gosh I just can’t wait! After some chatter, pecan and pumpkin pie, and more chatter the night wrapped up and everyone was gone by 11:15pm! Mike and I sat around watching an episode of Criminal Minds we had recorded and just spent a bit of alone time together…we’d both been working hard all day and it paid off….it was a great night overall.